Words of Wisdom On People Who Want You To Fail At Life

What I have learned in recent months is that you never reveal your life’s plans and what you are going to do in your life. Surprise people with the results and action of your plans and what you do, where you are going in life in physically, emotionally and mentally. Sometimes there are some people who do not want you to succeed, there are some people who will put that evil eye curse on you to prevent you from fulfilling your dreams and give you that road block in front of you. The best thing you can do is just not tell people everything about your journey to get there.

Most of the time, it is all to do with jealousy and those who feel intimidated by you. That is why they do not want you to succeed and do well for yourself. Each person in this world has great qualities, talents, plans, and great things to offer. Don’t ever allow someone to rain on your parade.

Always pray to God to keep the evil spirits away from others and always pray no matter what. Never allow others to underestimate you and your capabilities. Always be yourself, do the best you can and do not allow people in your life and in your circle who give you bad vibes.

There are people that are happy for you with whatever you do and show that they are over the moon for you, and they show they want you to succeed in life and everything, but then inside of them without showing it, they want you to fail and fall. Those are the type of people that are dangerous.

They show this exterior of caring and everything and then behind closed doors, they talk so bad about you and then sometimes what they curse about you does in fact come out to be true. So, the person ends up failing and not going forward, and they have to start all over again.

It is not right for people to do that to other people. It is not fair either. Instead of supporting and actually showing that a person really cares without fakeness is something that is incredibly noble and beautiful. When you are jealous, and don’t want the best for another person, that shows a lot of selfishness, and that makes you only think about yourself and not other people. It is not a great trait.

Discover yourself and what you are good at and be with good people who want nothing but the best for you, who support you, and who want you to succeed in life.

Stay humble, stay true, and be you. God bless everyone!

One thought on “Words of Wisdom On People Who Want You To Fail At Life

  1. lovelivemypurpose says:

    You are so right. My mom always told me not to share everything with everyone because of the evil eye. I kept debating if that was just an excuse for why things don’t go right. But then, too much happened that kept proving to me that there is truth to this evil eye. The bad thing is sometimes you cannot tell who is the one. Everyone seems genuine. And I hate to believe that I am that bad at judging character. But I guess, better be safe than sorry and when something really matters, keep it secret. Thanks for your lovely post. Great points.

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