Retailers Pull Ivanka Trumps Clothing off The Racks. Gone Too Far with this

Things have gotten too far and blown out of proportion

Nordstrom, T. J. Maxx, and other stores are pulling Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. I really do not think it is fair to take her clothing out of the store just because She is a Trump. I am pretty sure she feels like her work in fashion and her line is being compromised with stores not selling her brand anymore. I am sure she feels crushed with her hard work in designing the clothes and now nobody wants to sell her things anymore because of her Father President Donald Trump.

I think it is pathetic on these retail stores doing that and it I think it is very low on their part. Ivanka has worked so hard for her craft and to get her clothing line on the go. I am sure every aspiring fashion artist want the same thing with these retail stores carrying their brands. Being discriminated against a name is absolutely ridiculous.

I am not on anyone’s side except for the side that is right and I am on Ivanka’s side on this one. You can’t just pull someone’s fashion clothing off the racks just because Your father is the president of the United States or that your name is a Trump. I think these retailers are going a little too far. It is absolutely ridiculous. Let Ivanka sell her clothing. What does clothing have to do with presidency, politics, or anything else for that matter?

Now to ask, If your hard work, fashion dreams, and your craft were being sold in department stores and retailers, and then suddenly you wake up one day and see your hard work being rejected because of your name or whatever the case, I am sure you would feel terrible.

I can’t even imagine what Ivanka is going through now.

It is so mind boggling. Yes, I do not agree with President Trumps decisions, but that doesn’t mean that his daughter’s dreams and her work has to be crushed and her hard work with her brand to be axed and rejected. Its just not right at all. Let the girl do her job and get her brand going. I really feel for her. I sure wouldn’t like it if my hard work get taken off retailer stores. I would be devastated.

16 thoughts on “Retailers Pull Ivanka Trumps Clothing off The Racks. Gone Too Far with this

  1. The retailers have cited declining sales of items in the Ivanka Trump line. Even if that’s an over-reaction on their part, it is pretty clear that her father’s actions are hurting the brand. In addition, Ivanka has long been seen as the reasonable Trump—even The Donald has said that she is always pushing him to do the right thing. Yet his actions as of late suggest that either she does not have that much influence with/on him, or she is more complicit in her father’s actions than people have been led to believe. (Her presence at some prominent meetings with foreign officials suggests the latter.) In addition, that various items in both the Donald and Ivanka Trump fashion lines are made outside the USA, even as The Donald complains about American companies who do not make their products in the US, is another strike. Either way, Trump is becoming a toxic brand—making it smart for retailers to stop selling Trump products in order to keep their customers happy.

    • Exactly, Kevin. It’s a free market. You can’t shout about making America great again and bringing manufacturing back to the US, and then have your own branded stuff made in China.

      The #grabyourwallet campaign is working. And I applaud it.

      • Although the recent episode gives me mixed feelings. I’m not a fan of our President-inator, but I also am staunchly anti-Nordstrom (one of the Nordstroms was in my classes in college—horrible person; I cannot in good conscience support people like that). So, while I’m happy to see The Donald and his circle get bent out of shape over the dropping Ivanka Trump thing, it bugs me that Nordstrom is getting a boost (in more ways than one) as a result.

  2. Do your research, Talin. There are millions of people who are not buying her stuff, much of it has to do with her father. (I wouldn’t spend a dime on anything carrying her name – AND her clothes are made in China and in other countries with cheap labor).

    Retailers have decided to sell what’s left in their inventory but not to order more, due to low sales. Those retailers have every right not to sell her items. It’s capitalism. Why should they stock a product that’s not selling?

    And don’t worry about Ivanka. She’ll be just fine.

  3. It is possible that her line is not that compelling. Women’s fashion is a pretty competitive field even without the negative name association. Ivanka will end up better for this, not worse.

  4. Actually according to the balance sheets sales were doing just fine

    Once the Ladies cut up those cards the problem will be for the retailer

    Stocks will tell…󾓦

  5. I’m glad these stores are doing this, and I hope every brand associated with the Trump name is pulled from shelves, boycotted by consumers, and bankrupted out of existence. Since Donald Trump clearly is only motivated by self interest, then maybe that will be the wake up call necessary to make him go away.

  6. There was an article going around (I think it was on Twitter) listing stores who were selling her clothes and telling people to boycott those stores. It’s ridiculous. Yes, I think Trump is the worst thing that has happened to the country that I love, but it’s not his daughters fault. She didn’t ask for this to happen (and likely if he asked her she probably asked him not to run). If you have convictions about Trump and don’t want to buy her clothes, fine, don’t. But boycotting and stores pulling her lines, just seems a bit much. As they say, you can’t pick your family!

    • But, Andrea, that’s the point. You contradict yourself in your post. “If you have convictions about Trump and don’t want to buy her clothes, fine.”

      Well, that’s what a boycott is! And the results of folks not wanting to buy her clothes means that sales are down. Any smart retailer would never restock a product that isn’t selling.

  7. she has her line in a multitude of stores. I don’t think ALL of them are dropping her, just a select few that her line wasn’t doing well in. I did some research on prices, and I wouldn’t be able to afford any of her line. So, it is no wonder why the line isn’t doing so well. It is just the nature of business, I don’t think it has much to do with her father’s presidency. However, I did think it was unprofessional of him to raise a stink about it. He has other more important things to worry about, other than his privileged daughter’s clothing line being dropped from a handful of stores. I am sure as a parent he feels the need to defend his daughter, but… he is in a different position now.

  8. It’s also worth noting that not all of these retailers are pulling her products completely. I believe it’s TJ Maxx that are demoting them from featured status, and putting them in the racks with the rest of the “non-featured” merchandise they sell. It’s analogous to a book store pulling a title off its “new” table and moving it to whatever section it belongs in. Still available, just not as prominent.

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