Same Place Resort Travellers – Time for Change

In life, we want to take a pause and a break from our daily life with work, school and other priorities and arrange to travel to take a vacation away to an all inclusive resort to a sunny tropical destination. Where some people travel to different resorts all the time, where some people tend to always choose the same resort all the time.

I’ve heard many times where people go to the same all inclusive resort and they love going to the same places. Although, its nice to be comfortable to a place you know, the staff and familiar with the resort and everything, but that doesn’t give you the opportunity to go and try out new places. You are always going to the same destinations, but not open minded to go and experience other places. I know some resorts have this warm welcoming feeling and its absolutely awesome to go and experience that feeling again, but you are not giving a chance to other resorts that can have the same quality values.

Some travellers always have that mentality that Oh I am going to the same place, I love it a lot, which is fine and its not a problem, but as a traveller, you have to go experience different resorts, and hotels. It gives you a sense of getting a lot more travel experience, gives you more selections, gives you more to talk about. If you keep on going to the same place because you a comfortable, doesn’t really make you a traveller. To tell you the truth. Just because you hop on a plane, and then end up in the same place time and time again, doesn’t count.

I know resort managers, staff and people involved always want repeat guests, they always want you to get back into their territory, and sometimes the tourism industry wants people to return. they give you all kinds of special treatment and all kinds of things. Of course they will. They will give guests that feeling only if you shell out more money every time you travel. Nothing is free, even complimentary service, or special treatments. That money for those things must come from somewhere. Do not be fooled by always being a repeat guest.

As a traveller, you must be open minded, you must experience the world, different resorts, different places. If you keep on going into your comfort zone, you really aren’t doing much travel. I keep seeing online on travel advisor sites, as well as people’s personal experiences with testimonials and some people travel to the same resort 10 times, and I have seen people write up to 20 times. I mean, there are so many other options out there. Why stick to one?

I have never gone to the same place twice and I never will. I am always looking to try new places. I have been traveling since I was 7-8 years old. Been a very long time. I can tell you so many stories, and give you advice through my experiences in many resorts in many countries, I can even tell you about my cruise vacations.

You just have to get out of that circle and not go to the same place. Trust me, it gets boring. I know that admitting that is difficult, but come on, you work hard for your money, you work hard to get vacations. don’t waste your vacation to the same places. Get going and explore. Travel is meant to explore. Always keep that in mind. Time for change, time for new scenery.

One thought on “Same Place Resort Travellers – Time for Change

  1. Hi Talin, perhaps they would prioritize on other things such as togetherness as a family – – family-time that time is very difficult to find, and perhaps they think the most effective way to have a quality family time in an efficient way is to that hotel/resort they have had familiar n cater elderly/young kids altogether? But of course, if more than 5-7 times that could be a bit boring… Cheers.

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