Talin’s New Travel & Baggage Tips to keep in mind

1. Always check with your Airline/Air Carrier for Carry-On and/or Checked Baggage Allowance as in how many pounds/kg’s, dimensions, and also fees for baggage. Depending on your destination/vacation packages, some baggage fees will be exempt. If you purchase a vacation package for example all inclusive resort stay, you do not have to pay the baggage fees. Always good to check ahead.

2. When packing liquids in Carry on, make sure its a transparent sealable bag and also make sure that liquids are under 100ml or less. When going through security, please take it out of your bag and place separately in the security bins to be checked by the security officer as it goes through the x-ray machines. Liquids cannot exceed 3.4 oz./ounces no more than 1 litre capacity.

3. With Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones that are exploding and if you are a carrier of that particular smartphone, security will confiscate it and will not allow it on board the aircraft as it is a potential hazard that can endanger passenger safety as well as the aircraft.

4. Prescribed medications, syringes, needles from your doctor/pharmacies, all medication must be labelled properly with the proper identification from your doctor and pharmacist. Pack all medication in Carry-on baggage. Liquid Medication is not subject to liquid restrictions and will be allowed. All will be scanned through the X-ray machine at security. If you require a water bottle going through security, please advise your security officer that you need this water to take with your medication. They may allow it.

5. Before you head to security, to prevent delays, please save time and hassle by removing metal hair clips, clearing your pockets and put everything in your carry-on, as well as any jewellery, watches, belts, jackets. All will be inspected at security. Saving time to head to your gate to meet with your air carrier and aircraft is of course an integral part of travel and if you want to get there quicker, follow these guidelines.

6. If you need to use the restroom, or go get a bite to eat or walk around, please make sure that you are not late to board your flight. It is not fair for other passengers who have to wait for certain passengers to arrive to the gate just because someone is walking around the airport and getting a bite to eat or something. Arrive early, be on time and things like that will not happen. Its nice to see all passengers loading an aircraft be together and get into the aircraft at once, rather than having the ground air carrier attendants calling late passengers to board the aircraft. Would be embarrassing. So, do yourself a favour, do everything quick that you have to do and come board and join us all. It will prevent delays and we can get to our destination on time. Don’t be the tardy one keeping everyone waiting. Not cool.

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