The Voca People — All Dressed in White

Recently in the last couple of months, I have learned about an incredibly awesome group of 8 people who are musician actors that are dressed in white. They are called The Voca People. They create sounds, beatbox, capella’s, as well as sound effects, singing songs without the use of instruments or anything else. All is done vocally.Ā  They are friendly aliens from the planet Voca.

They are an Israel based group ensemble. They have performed in many places around the world. The creators of the group are Lior Kalfon and Shai Fishman. A lot of the performances have been compared to the Blue Man Group, but the Voca People bring on a whole new twist of their own individuality, craft and talent.

Meeting the Voca’s — They each have their own unique names called Beat On, Scratcher, Tubas, Alta, Mezzo, Bari-Tone, Tenoro, and Soprana.

All communication in music and vocal expressions by the Voca People say that life is music and music is life. They have a lot of visits to planet earth to perform their awesome craft for their fans, and so much more.

The Voca People bring a whole new twist into music, comedy, theatre whilst bringing the stage alive, entertaining people with their unique talent that you will be hooked on them. I know I am. I watch their videos all the time on YouTube. you can search for them on YouTube and have endless amount of fun with enjoying them. I cannot wait to see them in Niagara Falls with the hopes I will take pictures with them and meet them. I am a huge fan of them now.

All the best to The Voca People. You all are awesome!

Links below to get to know them better:

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