Introducing you to Chef Seb

In life each one of us have talents and what we are so great at whether its how to cook, bake and so many other things we all are fantastic in and it is important to recognize all talents of the world no matter what it is all about. Without further delay, I would like to introduce you to one of my friends for many years from my Armenian community and his name is Sebouh Yaacoubian who is Chef Sebouh or you can call him Chef Seb. He is an Armenian, who took his passion for food, baking and cooking to an all new level in the culinary world.

Chef Seb studied at the Culinary Institute of America, and then traveled back to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to work at multiple places in the city until he became a sous chef at Trinity Taverna. After working a year at Trinity Taverna, he got hired to be the opening head chef of Mamakas Taverna on Ossington. Since then he has been focusing on his catering and currently working his way up to owning his own restaurant called Mayrik. In English, Mayrik means Mom, Mother, Mamas, in Armenian.

Recently Chef Seb, and his brother began a YouTube channel to introduce to everyone how to create a masterpiece from inexpensive food, to also teach people how and what proper kitchen equipment, utensils, and cutlery to use for types of meats, vegetables and so much more. He will also teach people techniques on how to sharpen knives and to maintain the items you have in your kitchen.

His Videographer/Photographer, Ishkhan Ghazarian will be videotaping the sessions and each segment will be posted on Chef Seb’s YouTube Channel. You can find his work at and you can obtain more information about his photography and background. Also Facebook
You can view Chef Seb’s YouTube Channel at the link below where you will find the videos. More video’s will be added every week. Keep staying tuned in and subscribe to his channel, as you do not want to miss out on his scrumptious, delicious meals as they are mouth-watering, super appetizing, and as well as his how-to and DIY(Do it yourself)  Videos. Click below.

If you would like to ask Chef Seb any questions, comment on his videos or anything, do not hesitate to contact him and he will be happy to answer and question you have about cooking, maintaining kitchen items and so much more.

All the best to Chef Seb and Ishkhan Ghazarian! 🙂

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