Living In The Middle Of Nowhere

Ever wonder how people end up living in the middle of nowhere? Ever wonder how homes get built in the most isolated areas of the world where people do not even think it?

As I have road tripped in the past in the USA, and Canada in Ontario and Quebec, I went by towns and villages. I would see these homes that are just by themselves, and then you would see a few houses, but then there is no grocery store, gas station, and other stores that provide our daily necessities of life for so many km’s and miles away. I am not just talking about farm land, but homes that have nothing around them. I always see the odd house here and there.

I have always wondered how these people live day by day? Or do they go up to those places occasionally? Its amazing on how people can live in rural areas.

If heaven forbid that a person needs medical attention, there are no hospitals around or medical facilities, pharmacies, and people have to drive an hour or 2 to get somewhere.

I can never live in the middle of nowhere. It is nice to see nature, trees, and breath in the fresh air everyday, but I’d rather stay in the city where I am able to drive a few minutes to get to somewhere, rather than living somewhere, where it is absolutely difficult to move around life. I can never live my life in isolation in the middle of no where.

I guess its personal preference and some people prefer to live that way. Its all good and its fine to do that. I am just wondering how they do that’s all. Its like where do these people work? How do they go on about life?

On my road trips, I have really never asked people how they get around and everything. Its something I have always wanted to know how their lives are, how they are able to manage day to day life without boredom. Do you know anybody who does live in these remote areas? Next time, I am for sure going to ask around when I go on my next road trip.

This has been on my mind for quite sometime now.
Do you sometimes come across things like this in your mind and how things are in life? What is the purpose of things?

I will just stick to my city living 🙂

5 thoughts on “Living In The Middle Of Nowhere

  1. So true I have passed places like that, but they are ready for anything. It’s just some people like living like that and go to town maybe once in a while. I can’t live like that I need people around me.

  2. I don’t understand it either. But there are some people who like it away from all the city sound and people, they don’t like to talk or interact with others. I can’t do it I love to be around people. I will take city life over anything.

  3. While I would love to live a country life on acres of land away from the city, I’d still like it to close enough to civilization 😃 Thank you for finding and following my blog.

  4. My uncle and aunt (and one of my cousins) live in the middle of nowhere Montana on a ranch. I think it’s about 40 minutes into town (in fact when my cousins were little their local school – population 2 – closed and my aunt and the kids had to move town during the week so they could go to school!) I can’t imagine living there. I stayed with them once for ten days and while it was lovely and quiet, it was not quite the life for me. Now I live in Central London, and it’s definitely NOT the life for me – way too noisy and crowded and dirty! I’d take a nice in between though. 10-15 acres within 20 mins of town would work for me. Enough room for horses, and the ability to still go to a coffeehouse every once and awhile.

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