Rescue 401 on Discovery Channel a must see.

Watching Rescue 401 tonight on Discovery about North America’s busiest highway which is the main artery for 400 series highways in Ontario, it puts a different perspective into highway safety.

Winter is upon us and our actions on the road is very important. It is also important to remember the truckers who haul huge trailers as well as tow truck drivers. They haul and transport almost if not all of our daily necessities of life that would not get to our retail store and grocery store shelves if it was not for the drivers of those trucks on long haul trips to get it there.

We wouldn’t sleep in our beds, we wouldn’t have furniture in our homes, we wouldn’t have food and hygiene products and as well as fuel for our vehicles that take us to point a to b as well as the car we have too.

We have a lot to be respectful for these transporters in logistics and we must appreciate them because in all weather and in terrible snow storms they still go out there to drive and to put their health and safety at risk for hours and hours and days, weeks and months. They barely get to spend time with their families and friends because they have a job to support them.

Rescue 401 on Discovery Channel is a real eye opener that winter driving and driving at anytime is not a joke as its very serious and life can change at any moment.

Logistics and transport industry is what keeps the world going and keeps us fed, clothed and our homes full as well as taking us to where we want to go. I recommend people watching Rescue 401 as its very important to see and learn.

Please drive carefully and please don’t rush to get somewhere. Better to be late than sorry later. Especially in icy and snowy road conditions. Just obey the rules and take it easy and open your eyes to be alert and be prepared to make fast decisions as you are dealing with seconds, not minutes or hours.

All it takes is a second. Be safe and please don’t drink and drive, please don’t text while driving and do not be distracted. Focus on driving as that should be your #1 priority while on the road.

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