In Memory of My Late Friend Noubar Yigidbashian

About 2-3 years ago in 2014 or so, I met Noubar and his family and friends through Facebook through mutual friends and seeing newsfeeds of suggested people to add, and then I learned about Noubar’s cancer battle that he had been going through, and the family needed funding to help with his treatment in the states and there was a fundraising website on Youcaring, I began to raise awareness so that people will see Noubar’s story. I then took to action about posting a blog article about it, then spreading it to all of the groups and social media outlets I am part of. I am glad I was able to reach out and do this for his and his family.

Since, I have been in social media, and raising awareness about all kinds of things, writing about so many things in the world, and as a writer, they counted on me to do this for them and I did so within a couple of hours.

As I began to share his story and my articles as well as the fundraising website, it went viral and a lot of kind, and thoughtful people pitched in to help Noubar and his family with his treatment. He did receive a lot of funding. So, as 2015 came around, and it was April 24th, 2015, I took a trip to Ottawa, Ontario Canada for the yearly commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

This one was the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide of April 24th, 1915. As, the day concluded in Ottawa and people started to go find their buses and modes of transportation they came in, I was walking and out came Noubar and His beautiful wife Noushig. They quickly recognized me and hugged me and said Talin, you are the person who is helping raise awareness about Noubar, and then I said, yes that is me, and we spoke for several minutes and then Noubar definitely wanted photos with me. I was so happy and accepted of course. So we began taking photos, then a few minutes later we said our byes so that we do not miss our buses. His was going toward Montreal, and mine toward Toronto. It was like destiny or something that God planned for us to meet right at that second.

Those few minutes spent with him was incredible, and our online friendship was very special to me as I am glad I was able to help him in a way and Noubar thanked me and he was so grateful for my efforts and he said a lot of people gave because of me and his beautiful Wife Noushig, said thank you as well. Then Noubar’s sister Hilda wrote to me in a message and said thank you for everything you are doing for my brother. It means a lot to us.

I told Noubar that I would come and visit Montreal someday soon and to see him and his family, but then It didn’t happen for me which I was very disappointed that I couldn’t come by and I was so sad, but then we kept in touch and I updated everyone on Noubar’s condition and to keep going to with fundraising in a second Blog article I wrote.

He was born on November 18, 1965 and passed away on December 30th, 2016. A life cut very short. Noubar was battling cancer for 8 and a half years and the treatments at the end weren’t working in his favour as it was to do with his blood. It broke my heart to pieces when I opened up my Facebook this morning and saw the news posted by his sister, and I began to cry. Those few moments spent with him in Ottawa meant so much to me and I will never forget his smile and his excitement when he saw me. That there was something so extraordinary.

God rest Noubar’s soul and my thoughts and prayers go out to his beautiful wife and his two lovely children and the rest of his family and friends during this difficult time and always. Noubar is now an angel in heaven and is with God and will watch over all of you as he will always be with you all every second of the day.

Articles I wrote about Noubar Yigidbashian

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