The Toronto Pearson International Airport Story (YYZ)

In life, a lot of us love to travel, to see the world and to also greet people as they travel to come visit us, stay permanently and to unfortunately say goodbye as they venture out to new beginnings in different parts of the world. An airport is a place where a lot of kisses, hugs, and tears are shared between family, friends, and our love from long distance relationships. Tears that can be happy with a beautiful reunion of not seeing family/friends in a long time or at all, and sometimes those tears can mean to send someone or some people of our loved ones off to where they came from until the next reunion gathering

At Toronto’s Pearson International Airport YYZ which is the airport code, I have seen it all, from hello’s and all the way to goodbye’s. There is actually a television show about Hello Goodbye. When I am either dropping off a passenger, or when I am traveling, I have seen it all. The emotions running high, between excited passengers ready to travel on aircraft to travel anywhere in the world that Pearson Airport has flights to or when they arrive back.

I get very excited when I travel through Toronto’s Pearson. I get this energy to walk faster after the security check point to my gate to meet my aircraft/airline to my destination. Now, I am known to be a travel professional in terms of giving people advice on what to do at the airport, before arriving to the airport, what to pack, how to pack a baggage, what to put and what no to put in a carry-on, what documentation is needed for travel, as well as directing people to the right terminal to meet with their airline. I absolutely love it. People call me the Toronto Pearson Airport know it all. (LOL), Laughing out loud. Which makes me feel great.

I love how Toronto Pearson brings the world of people together and to make this a small world where aircraft travels to countries and cities in a few hours, rather than many hours and days to reach a destination by a car. It is amazing on how quick we get to places and can you imagine how fast aircraft flies in our skies? I just love taking the window seat which I have 99% of the time that I have flown somewhere. I can actually see how fast we are flying and I can see down below me by passing by towns, cities, bodies of water, and going to different states or countries. Its quite amazing to see.

If the aircraft has individual screens to entertain themselves by listening to music, playing games, watching a TV show or movie, and here is me keeping the screen on for the GPS location and where the aircraft is traveling over, the speed of the aircraft and everything to do with the flight I am on. I don’t really like doing anything else on that screen, then I actually make notes about it and I keep it to keep my memories from the travels.

I absolutely love it when the aircraft takes off at Toronto Pearson International Airport as well, when I see the Air Traffic control towers and the runways where you see the cars go by so slowly on the highway 401 beside the airport and differentiating between the speed of the aircraft and vehicles which is a very big difference, then I enjoy the ascending feeling when the aircraft goes above the clouds too. Its amazing.

The Toronto Pearson story is something that I have gone through as well and I have witnessed other people’s stories as well. I love to be observant and watch other people too with their emotions, reunions, and saying bye too. Its definitely an atmosphere of many feelings, and so much more. People just have to learn to be more patient, to appreciate the moments, and not go absolutely crazy. I appreciate all the hard work the employees of the airport do everyday to keep operations running. An airport can be a sentimental place for people as it truly is for me. Toronto Pearson International airport will forever be a special place to me and I will forever love it.

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