Appreciating Film & Television Shows in Entertainment Industry

In our lives, we take breaks from our everyday lifestyles, and venture off to the movie theatre, buy movies to watch at home or watch our favourite TV Shows. Little do we know or we do know how much of a lengthy process it takes from producing film and television shows to entertain us. I know it is a huge job between writing, production, set design, scouting for the perfect places to film, the crew, cameras, permits, rights, and getting the actors and actresses to remember the lines from the script. Sometimes they even have to change their wardrobes many times to see which fashion or outfit will be the perfect fit for the part.

The performance and giving the world great acting, improv and sometimes some scenes take a lot of ingenuity, and a lot of long hours to perfect and make it ready for the big screens in theatres and our television sets at home or wherever we are. There are so many types of film and television such as family oriented, comedy, romance, sci-fi, space, horror, scary, drama, action, action comedy, and so many more.

It really isn’t easy to put on a show. It takes a lot of practice and to meet deadlines to air is a very hectic process. Although some of us may not agree with the content, the writing, and the actors/actresses chosen to play the part, and some of us do agree and enjoy it, but it all comes to appreciating the art of film, television and all those who create them. I am a very proud fan and I enjoy film and television shows.

I know these days the quality of television and film have been lacking substance and all that, but at the end of the day, this is an occupation and a lot of these people put a lot of hard work, sweat, tears, and so much into it. Also their wages, salaries and the money made. No matter what amount, Their dedication and enthusiasm to pull these shows and film off is something that is very incredibly awesome.

Just like us ordinary people who go to work, and put many hours, sweat, tears and everything into what we do no matter the occupation. It all comes down to appreciating another person’s work. The only difference is that these people who are in film and television are well-known in society. Yes, we deserve a lot more in our paycheques with the work we do as well, but now I am not talking about that. I am just talking about appreciating the entertainment world.

I also know that without us fans and those who support entertainment, film and television, they would certainly not survive and that has been brought up on many award shows and interviews from the celebrities and crew themselves. They always profess their love for their fans across the world who give them jobs to continue to do what they do and that is something that they do appreciate and bring up in conversations themselves.

It is important that we fans take time to appreciate them as well because they are the ones who entertain us and get us out from our daily stresses and to give us a break from all the problems we face too, but the entertainers in film and television also have problems and everything as well. Each and everyone of us on earth have our issues, but its also great to get away from that for a while and get ourselves comfortable and enjoy the gift of cinema.

Hopefully, I will join into the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California and I too will contribute my writing and my work.

What do you appreciate about the entertainment industry? What are you into?

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