All About The American Armenian Rose Float Association (AARFA)

Every winter since 1890, 128 years ago, The tournament of Roses began by the Valley Hunt Club of Pasadena in California a promotional effort. Club members invited the East Coast to California where it is warmer for a winter holiday. There are many games such as tug-of-war, foot races, jousting, chariot races and polo. The blossoming and beautiful fresh flowers are blooming and they are so alive all thanks to the warmer weather of beautiful California.


On January 2nd, 2017, floats will be parading down Colorado Blvd, showcasing the “Echoes of Success”, not only will there be floats, but marching bands and equestrian units, that will be full of energy, enthusiastic performers.


Many participants, volunteers, and board members are working around the clock to ensure that the tournament of Roses become a great success and it definitely will.

The American Armenian Rose Float Association will be part of the parade for the 3rd time. This year the Artsakh Stallion will be making its appearance on television as well as to the onlookers at the Rose Bowl parade.


I look forward to watching the Rose Bowl Parade and watch the beautiful Armenian Rose Float gracing my television and seeing how beautiful it is.


Congratulations and best wishes always to the AARFA!


More information below.

Timeline of The American Armenian Rose Float

2014-2015 – Cradle of Civilization
2015-2016 – Discover Armenia
2016-2017 – Field of Dreams (Artsakh Stallion)


Mailing Address:
American Armenian Rose Float Association
P.O.BOX 60005
Pasadena, CA 91116


e-mail address:


For information in getting to know the board of directors, donating, fundraising and keeping updated with the latest news and more about them, please visit their website.


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