A Writer’s Journey Through A Writer’s Eyes

In life, we all go through a journey and so many different ones at all levels of our lives. We go through a short journey, but whatever we go through in between is what counts. In a writer’s world, we try our best to write our way through our lives. We have been given this talent to write, to share our thoughts with the world.

A writer’s eye sees a lot of things, and go through many emotions. We also write about physical things. Not necessarily always about what is going on in our thoughts and minds. We sometimes write things that come out naturally from us. We can write books, literature, poetry, lyrics, haiku’s, short stories, novels, picture books, recipes, biographies, discographies,ย film, monologues, narrative stories, ย and all different types of writing styles from children’s stories and all the way up to all ages.

When we write and go through this journey, each one of us have this gift, however sometimes when we do write, and share to the world our thoughts and how our mindset works with giving opinions, suggestions, We get caught in a crossfire between those who will agree with what we have to say, and those who do not agree. That is perfectly fine and normal. We have to accept that and it is part of life. Each person is difference. A person’s thoughts and the way we think can differ from others.

Controversy, and conflict do arise sometimes and it is all a part of natural life. We cannot expect people to always be on the same page as us. That is the hard truth that a lot of writers cannot adapt to, but unfortunately we have to take a chance. We writers have the power to change the world, and sometimes for the better and sometimes not for the better in some people’s eyes. Some people may not agree with what I have to say now in this article.

I know in some ways we can lose readership, we can lose fans, friendships, but at the end of the day, we writers have an entitlement, and we cannot please every single person who comes and reads what we have to say on social media, on our blog sites, and even those people who publish books and those who purchase them at bookstores.

Yes, sometimes people maybe outspoken and do not think before they write and that is something that can be an issue, but it can also be therapeutic to the person sending out a message. Sometimes it is how people communicate their feelings. Through writing in their blogs, diaries, journal’s, and on other social media outlets. Readers can definitely feel a person’s tone, and get to know an individual with seeing what they write about and how they present themselves through it.

We go through this writing journey not because it was chosen for us, but it is a feeling and a type of natural being when we begin holding that pen, pencil and even pressing on the buttons on our keyboards or smartphone keyboards, all these words, thoughts, and everything we have comes right out in the open.

We may share it with others, and sometimes keep certain writings to ourselves if we do not feel comfortable sharing it, but it is also important that we writers go through this journey comfortably and not having to hesitate to contribute to the world. We can make a positive difference in the world too.

A positive change in the world with our writings can definitely move a lot of people toward happiness, success, ambitions, self-confidence, more self-esteem, and giving people hope and a vision that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Sometimes people need reassurance in life, and when they search for information, advice, suggestions, and opinions online about a certain issue they are dealing with, they can find the answers to their questions. I know sometimes you cannot find all of the answers, and sometimes those answers can be found within your heart and soul.

I am so glad that I am able to write, and make a difference in people’s lives, to raise awareness on certain issues, and to definitely try my best to be there for my readers, fans, friends, and family in the world. I have a lot to be thankful for in this writing journey through my eyes. I appreciate every moment.

To all the writers of the world, I wish you the best in your journey too! We are all in this together.

3 thoughts on “A Writer’s Journey Through A Writer’s Eyes

  1. I sometimes write blogs then delete them a few hours later, this is because I was moving through a certain mood and once it’s passed it feels like the blog expired.

    Sometime you are your own audience so you write for yourself, other times you write to someone. It’s a weird space to exist in sonetimes.

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