American Armenian Rose Float Assocation – Rose Bowl Parade

Rose Bowl Parade on New Years Day
by: Talin Orfali

Annually, I make it a New Years Day tradition to watch the Rose Bowl Parade on television, and the last 2-3 years, I have been especially proud of my fellow Armenians in Los Angeles, California and areas that participate, to make floats that represent Armenia, our culture, history and Armenia’s beauty decorated in many flowers and of course roses too.

The tournament of roses 100 years ago An American Armenian Mr. Pashgian as the Grand Marshall. The American Armenian community will be participating with a float for the 3rd year. The Armenian Rose float belongs to every Armenian around the world.

The (AARFA) American Armenian Rose Float Association Inc. has dedicated individuals that will create a beautiful masterpiece with the hopes that the float will receive awards and a lot of recognition which I have no doubt about it and I am sure that they will.

If I was living in Los Angeles, I would definitely participate in volunteering to create our yearly float from the ground up, to assist in decorating and everything else. They know that they can count on me. Hopefully, God-willing I can participate in it. I am definitely going to try my best and make it a goal of mine to do so, and to help my Armenian community. Thank you to those participants who work day in and day out and for so many hours a day to get it going. I really appreciate it so much and I am sure all Armenians around the world will watch with proudness, happiness and so much more.

I look forward to watching the parade and especially to see our Armenian float down Colorado Blvd. Thank you to the Los Angeles Armenians for making this possible. Your hard work and determination will never go in vain.

God bless you all and best wishes!

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