What an Emotional Roller Coaster it Has been

Hello all, I am back from a few weeks from grieving from losing one of my good friends of almost 12 years, to getting very sick myself with a bad case of the cold/flu. It has been such a roller coaster of emotions running through my mind. I didn’t have the strength to write either. Today, I feel like I am getting back on my feet again, but lets see where things go. I had promised to write about my Good friends discography and as well as how we met and everything, but I will do that in the next few days. I just need to focus on getting my strength back.

I have been through a lot of stress in the last few weeks since October 20th, 2016 up until now. That was the day when My good friend who was also a singer and artist who passed away. His name was Robert Chilingirian. He was called a superstar and still is to me. I guess because I took the news way too hard, that caught up to me, and I guess that resulted in my body not responding to the news well, which led me to be sick a few days later after mourning.

It is not easy to lose somebody who once walked physically on this earth, who was once vibrant, communicating, and sharing memories with and then finding out that is no longer possible and the person has passed on. It is not easy to adapt and get used to that emptiness and some people just never get over it. I know its not easy to think of the great memories and positive parts but you just have to look forward and begin a new chapter in life. Eventually we are all going to head that way.

We are just visitor’s here on earth, so we just have to live life to the fullest and as much as we can, enjoy, complete a bucket list of things to do and places to see, and so much more. I know some people don’t even see life and unfortunately its how life is. Accepting it is the hardest part, but we must not lose faith.

The journey on the road to our lives have many obstacles, challenges, and unexpected turns, and curves, but always know that we have different paths in life and we must cherish, appreciate, respect and never take people and the things we have around us for granted.

Emotional roller coasters can be tough and lots of ups, downs, loops, twists, turns, it can take a huge fall, and then it takes you back up again. No matter where you are on that roller coaster, always have fun, smile, and be joyful. Be happy and take each moment as it comes by.

That is all we can do.

4 thoughts on “What an Emotional Roller Coaster it Has been

  1. Armen Abajian says:

    Very nicely written Talin. After several weeks we still are in a state of shock and continue to grieve, trying to understand what happened, why it happened and why a young person like Robert, father of two kids, full of life and energy had to be taken away from us so young. If you find an answer as to why he left us please let us know.

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