Music of an Angel – Dedicated to the Late Superstar Robert Chilingirian

By: Talin Orfali

Robert, an Armenian man with a beautiful heart,
His lovely music is a work of art,
He gave so much energy to his passion,
I absolutely loved his style of fashion.

Robert explored and traveled to many places,
As he was making his grand entrance, he saw many new faces,
His Singing, guitar, bouzouki, many instruments and more,
Many people began enjoyingย  on the dance floor.

Robert, a superstar, a family man, a great friend to all,
When I heard about him passing away,ย  I began to bawl,
His songs and music will forever live on,
But I really cannot believe that he is truly gone.

Robert is now performing on the beautiful heaven’s stage,
entertaining all of the people no matter what age,
We will definitely miss his beautiful presence,
His voice, tunes, beats, rhythms has this awesome pleasance,

God rest Robert’s lovely soul,
He achieved and reached his goal,


Thank you for everything Robert,
You will forever be part of our lives.
Your memory will live on in our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Music of an Angel – Dedicated to the Late Superstar Robert Chilingirian

  1. Thank you Talin for such a beautiful poetry about Robert. We hope one day somebody can put music to your words and sing it for us…
    Robert’s Keri
    Armen Abajian

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