Tip for Thanksgiving Dinner or whenever

To save time, cook the turkey in advanced on the day of your dinner and then take it out and cut them in pieces beforehand and then all you have to do is heat it up before your guests arrive and then put it on the table and voila! You got pieces of turkey instead of spending so much time on the table cutting it.

Save time and spend more time with your loved ones instead of dealing with spending hours in the kitchen. Get everything done and more time to chit chat and relax.
I know it looks great and photogenic when you have the full turkey on the table to take pictures with it when dining with your family or just as is, but I would think more of the hassle it is cutting it in front of everyone. I’d rather cut it in the kitchen where you have more room rather than utilizing eating time with your loved ones just to cut a turkey, or big chicken or whatever else.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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