Talin’s list of you know you’re addicted to adult coloring books when…

– You have dreams about it at night and you are coloring in it

– You toss and turn in bed awake, when you feel the urge to finish just one more page

– You wake up and first thing you do is color

– You go to the local department stores like Wal-Mart, as well as Michael’s, Dollar Stores, and other stores that have adult coloring books and coloring supplies and check them out before you go and do your shopping

– When you see people wearing patterns, floral, paisleys, and other designs, you automatically think of adult coloring book pages

– You have over 30 books, but want more.

– You go through every adult coloring book in the store and think to yourself, hmm this one is not a big deal, I will put that down, Oh this one is good, I can do it.

– You make a mess of the adult coloring books section and clearance areas at a book store, just so you can find your perfect coloring book

– You think your markers or pencil crayon’s won’t be enough, so you end up buying more

– You start your own coloring book club

– You go nuts when others touch your adult coloring books/pages and coloring supplies and say it is off limits and out of question to touch your precious babies

– You know all the brands of coloring supplies from pencil crayons, markers, glitter pens, gel pens

– You check online sites for coloring pages and books

Feel free to add more in the comments below.

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