Why Adult Coloring Books Have Inspired Me.

In the last little while a few months ago, I have been coloring in adult coloring books and its so lovely to see a design whether its a mandala’s, mehndi’s, flowers, patterns, butterflies and other creations, and its really something that has given me a lot of satisfaction and happiness. Some of the pages are a struggle, but somehow I am getting through them easily once I begin. When I was going to the stores, I always saw these coloring books and I always ended up putting them down until one time, I decided to pick one up as a trial run. I bought some markers and I began my journey through using my creativity and enjoying coloring.

I have bought coloring books from, Everyone love coloring, Mandala Magic,ย  Inspirational, Mandalas, Mehndi Designs, from Valentina Harper, Jess Volinski, Thaneeya McCardle, from publishers such as Baron’s, and other books. I am very happy with them all. I will be creating a page filled with my colored pages.

Now, I am part of a Facebook group called “Coloring books for adults” for almost a month now and it is a community of people who share the same interests as I do and its an addicting thing once you begin to join the world of color. It is a great addiction though. Its a great past time and its takes you away from screen time for a while, and it helps you concentrate, relax and think about nothing while you are in another universe far away from earth. When you indulge in coloring pages, you cut out the world around you and you feel so focused. It is definitely therapeutic.

It is incredible how I am not alone in this and that there are thousands of people around the world who color like me in these adult coloring books and pages. I am very happy that I finally caved in and joined the wonderful world of art, design, color and much more. It has definitely inspired me to color more and get more books.




6 thoughts on “Why Adult Coloring Books Have Inspired Me.

  1. My niece is really into the coloring too and she has framed some beautiful works of art when she is finished ๐Ÿ™‚ Good for you!

  2. i have been using adult coloring books for about 6 months now, and it has helped me greatly to heal and move beyond the grief , and it has helped with my mental health as well, I am a manic depressive , coloring in the adult coloring books brings me relief from the depression for as long as i keep coloring … so ya, it is a great hobby and a great tool for relaxing and remaining calm , my therapist actually has a stack of them and she gives them to her clients , she believes in the therapy side of coloring greatly.

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