Lunch with Steven Spielberg

A Fictional story made up, but wish it were true.
I will be writing a few stories that are fictional. I will be posting that it is not real on top of each post.

On a sunny morning in Los Angeles, California, I was going about my day when I decided to go to Rodeo Dr for a walk and visit the stores. I saw an empty bench and decided to sit down to take a break. I then took a glance around and saw expensive cars go by and then someone came and sat beside me.

I went to grab my purse and put it on my lap. I really didn’t look who it was. I then took my journal out and began writing. I then decided to take a look on who it was beside me. He looked so familiar. Then I said hello, you are familiar. He said, I am Steven Spielberg. At first I was not believing it and then he showed me his ID. I said oh my goodness, nice to meet you. He said likewise. I said my name is Talin Orfali. I am from Toronto. I live here in Los Angeles now and loving every moment. Then he said I know who you are.

He said, I purposely came here to sit beside you because you look like a person that I would love to include into a film I am going to produce. I then said oh thank you. I am a writer and editor in film and act occasionally too. He said, I am on my way to go to Lunch, I would love for you to join me. Then, I stopped him and said, how did you know that I was going to be coming to Rodeo Dr? I did not post it anywhere on social media or anything. He said, I guess we were at the right place at the right time. I said, yes I guess so. Then after I quickly without hesitation accepted to join him for lunch after asking him that question. He said meet me at 12:30 for lunch at the IVY. I said yes definitely. See you there. He said see you.

12:30 approached and I got to the IVY at 12:20  before Steven did. Then about 5 minutes later he showed up. He said thank you for being punctual. I was testing you to see if you are on time. You passed. We then went to the table and began to talk and getting to know each other. He then obtained my information before ordering lunch and I was on the way to great success. The waitress came by to take our order. He let me order first. I ordered chicken and he order steak. We began conversing and giving each other ideas for film and also talking about life. After our food came and we began to eat. After eating we took a picture together.

When the bill came, Steven took it and paid for our lunch. We then left the IVY around 2:30 then he left to go back to the studio and I left to go to my house and began writing and sending Steven emails on my ideas even further.

After 2 weeks we began filming Steven Spielbergs and my film and it was released to theatres  where my name was on the credits and right on the film posters. The box office and the film made almost 150 million dollars in less than a week. My money earned from the film was over 25 million dollars. I put it to good use to give to reputable charities as well as useful and beneficial things for friends, family and myself.

Steven and I went to many lunches where we became good friends and also went to each other’s home and then went to award shows where our film won an Oscar, Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards all in that year.. Then we began working on a second project together and that became successful too. After a couple of years, Steven saw to it that I earn and win the Cecil B DeMille award and that happened as well.

Lunch and meeting with Steven Spielberg was incredible and it took my journey through Hollywood and film to an all new level.

2 thoughts on “Lunch with Steven Spielberg

  1. Ah what fun it would be to sit and chat with some of our favourites! I should like to toss back a few at the Algonquin with Dorothy Parker and the other members of the vicious circle however that would also require time travel. Fortunately, as writers we can do it in our imagination.

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