The Fairfax & Beverly

A Fictional story, however, I have been to Fairfax & Beverly within May/June of 2016 in Los Angeles, California and I have seen CBS Studios from the outside. Hopefully this can happen in reality.

In life when intersections meet, there is always north, south, east, west, left, right, straight, down and up, also you can see many places too that is all around, and sometimes you just end up seeing trees and grass. As I was on Fairfax & Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, California, I could see a huge studio called CBS. As I am standing at the Corner of Fairfax & Beverly, My excitement got to the better of me, and began remember the shows Price is Right, and The Young and the Restless. All the shows began to come to life. It was a bright morning as the employees were entering the gates ready for work on another typical day.

I was at the corner of both intersections for quite a while. Then I was approached by 2 gate guards at the Studios and they were asking me why I have been there for almost 2 hours? I explained myself and said that I have been staring at the CBS Studios building for quite a while since I stopped here to admire the view, and the guard asked why once again, and I explained further that I am just imagining myself in there making television and film history and all the things I can do to improve the quality of television and film these days.  They said, Oh okay that is no problem. Enjoy your time and feel free to be here as much as you like. I said thank you guards.

Then the gate guards ended up staying there with me for a while too, and I was explaining to them that I am a writer, and I have been having an extra difficult time getting my craft and talent noticed by these big studio CEO’s and Managers. I said to them, I can do so much to make a difference. After an hour speaking with the gate guards, they were convinced that I am really a person whom doesn’t play around and I am serious.

As I gave them my name and they were searching me on the internet with their phones, they quickly saw my website, my writings, and things I have written through the vast majority of social media, and they really enjoyed seeing what I have to offer. Quickly, they went back to meet the other guards who were there watching the place, I was still at Fairfax & Beverly. From a distance, I saw them get on the phone. I had no idea what was going on. They then flagged me to come by the entrance doors. and so I began to walk towards them.

At this moment, I was a nervous wreck. I began sweating like crazy and said, Oh no I might be in a lot of trouble trying to get my way past through security and sweet talking these people, little did I know that they were inside that booth talking to the big kahuna, and president of CBS Les Moonves, after that they got on the phone with The Young and the Restless executives, and I am outside almost hyperventilating, but then about 15 minutes went by and they said, we have good news for you. You now have access to go inside.

We just have to check you, search you before we can let you in. All I had was my purse and the contents were my wallet, camera, Los Angeles map book, cell phone, snacks and a little bit of lipstick/body mist and mirror. The security also conducted a body search and I was cleared to go inside. I said, I couldn’t be more happy and excited and I thank you guys for allowing me to fulfill my dreams. I appreciate it. They said, you are welcome. We can tell when a person has a passion and who is serious and doesn’t beat around the bush.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I couldn’t even grasp that I was finally in this heavily fenced facility where in just a few steps is the road to entertainment of which Los Angeles is well known for. I ventured to studio 43, where the Young and the Restless is filmed. I happened to go in the right moment as most of the actors and actresses were at work today filming very important events in the show history. I was able to meet them all, take pictures and got to finally enjoy the CBS experience.

After all that, I was invited to Les Moonves’s, office. Les said, I heard about you through the security at the gates, and I also happened to search your name on the internet and I saw a lot of great things about you and your passion to write. After our 45 minute meeting, he decided to let me do my magic and accepted me to begin my writing career. I got so excited and I accepted too.

Then I became a Los Angeles Times headline on the front page saying, The Fairfax & Beverly woman gets her big writing gig. So in and around LA, I was known to be the Fairfax & Beverly woman. I then quickly got many calls to interview me in talk shows such as The Talk which is also filmed from CBS Studios, and when I became a hit sensation on TV, I was in another world, I could not believe that this was happening. All thanks to security staff.

After, I was on the news everywhere and before that I had called my family and friends back home in Canada, and I said that you won’t believe what happened to me, and they already received the news instantly. I became a household name, and then the real work began when I started to write, edit and do so many things.

A few months later, I boosted up the ratings on The Young and the Restless as I began writing for them and joined their team. We became #1 for several weeks and months. 2 years went by and I got a huge offer to write and edit actual films. In those 2 and a half years, I went to every award show, top Hollywood parties, shopped at Rodeo Dr, bought a brand new car, a house and I was on my way to great success.

After almost 3 years went by after being constantly so busy with this career, I made a visit home to Canada and I was noticed everywhere beginning from the Airport all the way to public places.

After a couple of weeks being home, it was time for me to fly to my new home in Los Angeles that I had been calling that for 3 years. Family and Friends came to visit me, had a huge family reunion in Los Angeles where all my family stayed at my new home which I did a housewarming in Beverly Hills. All my aunts, uncles, cousins, my grandmother, parents, brother and so many people slept over and spent a few days together.

Then friends also came by at different times. Life got so incredibly busy that I had many offers, my keyboard was going a million miles an hour typing scripts, monologues, and all the creative imagination that was coming out from my brain, achieving great success, with catchy phrases, movie titles, and becoming a prominent figure in entertainment and arts in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and the world.

After, I was nominated for Emmy’s, Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globes, the Oscars and in one year, I had won them all. Plus other awards here and there. I displayed them proudly in my home in my display case which was in my living room, and all I can remember is standing at Fairfax & Beverly and seeing those security guards approaching me and that they were the key component to allowing me to cross that barrier to great success that was awaiting me.

I then sent thank you gifts to those men and we became great friends over the years. 10 years passed and our friendship was as strong as ever and I was not permitted to say thank you to them any longer for getting me on the road to success and making my dreams come true with a lifetime of friendships with the guards, as well as a lifetime of a greatness in the entertainment world.  I was just standing at an intersection of Fairfax & Beverly when the door finally opened. I couldn’t imagine my life picture perfect than those 2 hours I had admiring a Black and White building with the big Letters of CBS from Fairfax & Beverly.


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