A Fictional Short Story at The Hollywood Hills

As I sit here on the Hills of Hollywood overlooking the picturesque views of Los Angeles, I couldn’t keep my eyes away from all the beauty, the energy of entertainment, the stories of what happens behind the scenes and action right in front of us. A moment later, The sun’s rays became ever so warm and the Los Angeles skyline of downtown became more clear. I can see tourists, residents, and observers here at the Griffith Observatory.

Here I took out a pen and my notebook. I began writing my journal and all of a sudden I was interrupted by a prominent figure in film. His name is Matt Damon. He said, Hello, My name is Matt Damon. I said, yes I know who you are. I admire you and your films. He then said thank you. I had gone about half way through with finishing my journal entry, and he said I am sorry for not letting you finish your journal. I said no, not at all. Matt said, I know and see a writer in you. You are so focused with that paper and pen. Believe it or not, I have been watching you from a distance for the past hour from the observation point and I caught the strength of your passion for LA and Entertainment just by looking at you. I said, how did you know what I was thinking and feeling at that point? He explained that I can tell from your radiant face and it told me a thousand different things.

I said thank you. It’s true I am into writing and hoping to be part of all this here one day. He said it will happen sooner than you think. He called a buddy of his and it was all done. Signed, Sealed and delivered. I was to begin a whole new life. It did take a lot of hard work on my end but then things got a lot interesting. I began telling myself. The path and decision I made driving up to Griffith Observatory that particular day in a spring day, overlooking and enjoying a peaceful time looking at the Hollywood sign too, I said to myself, I see where life takes people and it guides them to the right path when you don’t expect it.

Sometimes things happen when you least expect it to and other times it just takes its time. Matt and I became best friends, he knew my mindset and that led me to great success.

Later that year when I adapted to Los Angeles society, beginning everything fresh was a great challenge for me. Even though the money flow was great. It still does not put a price tag on life, and it never will. How I felt, and how my gut feeling told me that beginnings that are fresh will never be easy and that is something that you cannot compare with material and money growth.

The experience and the passion within me was everything I ever wanted and I got it Thanks to Matt Damon and the luck of the draw that I was presented with. I then met all my favourite stars and now that I became one of them, there isn’t that barrier anymore and I can relate and resonate with these known people around the world. I realized that they are ordinary people making ends meet like us ordinary people. I became famous but fame, power and money will not come close to experience, happiness and the passion instilled in us to whatever path we choose in life.

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