Why I am Against Beauty Pageants

In the life of humanity in the world, All of us have some sort of beauty in us and it necessarily does not have to do with someone’s exterior. You know when they say someone is beautiful inside and out? Well, yes everyone is beautiful. Some do not realize that they are which is why I am against beauty pageants.

I am against beauty pageants such as Miss USA, Miss Universe and all these shows that you could only be part of them if you are thin, that you have the most beautiful hair, wearing tons of make up, and making everyone else feel terrible about themselves. Yes, I like the idea of where the winner of the pageant goes and becomes a role model for the world, who goes and helps out humanity and conducting humanitarian work, as well as all those positive and great things to help the world.

There are negative parts to these pageants and they are about having the perfect body image, you have to look a certain way, and wear high heels, and all that. A lot of young girls and teens have aspirations and dreams to being in these pageants. They think that if they do not make it as contestants, runner ups, they are not beautiful and gorgeous. They are so wrong about that. Girls, teens, women, ladies, all are beautiful and you are enough. If you ever feel you are hitting rock bottom or feel that you are not good enough, well think again and do not think negatively about yourself and what you are capable of.

You do not need to be part of beauty pageants and all those shows to prove that. You do not need judges to score you on your beauty, how you walk, how you present yourself while wearing a certain outfit or swimsuit, you do not ever have to feel self-conscience and neglect yourself and your health because of other people’s thoughts and opinions. Do not ever starve yourself to lose so much weight to look like those models and contestants on these pageants. You are your own natural self and beautiful too. Never allow someone to belittle you and tell you that you need to focus on creating that image of beauty. You do not have to create beauty. You are instantly without others saying.

I am just not a big fan of these shows. They send out the wrong message and even though some of them stand for doing good in the world with donations, and helping out the world, and I am not saying that is not good, and it truly is a fantastic way to get people involved in making the world a better place, however there are other ways to celebrate beauty, and make the world a better place. Just not with beauty pageants. Let’s focus on shows that accepts everyone as they are without having so many requirements, and restrictions. Everyone should be accepted.

Life is beautiful, you are beautiful, and nobody has the right or the audacity to call you anything else. Be yourself, and let those who judge you and make fun of you get out of your life. Nobody should be made fun of, and nobody should be scored by numbers. I am beautiful and I am enough.

5 thoughts on “Why I am Against Beauty Pageants

  1. When I was a kid, I loved watching these pageants and admiring the women sashay down the ramps, but when I grew up I realised the unhealthy message that these pageants send out. I don’t understand why they don’t include short, healthy, normal women too to participate, why just thin and tall? I’ve stopped watching and following the pageants now.

  2. I completely agree. I watched a few times,a very long time ago. Even as a child I could see how these people did not represent the average person. The last time I watched was in the mid 1970’s. Have not missed a thing. What I do not understand is the support for these “contests” still exist.

  3. Oh Miss Universe is my favorite show on earth, I really look forward to watching it every year. I even wrote an article , “Miss Universe is Coming To Town and What I’ve Learned From It. ”

    I really get your point and i undertsand your views, but i still love watching Miss Universe.

    Thanks Talin for sharing this.

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