My CBS Studios Experience From the Outside in LA

A few months ago in the end of May, beginning June of 2016, I traveled to Los Angeles, California on my 3rd trip there within 4 years. This time we as in my family and I decided to stay right beside CBS Studios. There are a couple of hotels down by Beverly Blvd and Fairfax. Well, I had the CBS studios experience from the outside.
As I was walking up and down the street there thinking any minute now I am going to see someone famous from The Big Bang Theory, The Young & The Restless Soap Opera, or other shows such as Price Is Right game show or whatever else that gets filmed and aired from CBS Studios. As I was looking through the entrance to the parking lot there. I can see how heavily gated it is, the fences are up high, there are bushes around the huge complex, where you can barely see the cars and who is who.
In the mornings are when the action was there between 6:30 to 8am. I would wake up every morning just to go and see the cars coming into the studios parking lot. I saw some fancy cars going in thinking they might a famous person. I remember seeing a few of them and I did recognize them from TV. So they went to the fast lane where it is employees only. The only way to the studios is if you work there, or being interviewed, you have tickets to a show, or you come in for a walk on role and let the gate guard know on who is coming in and out.
I wish my CBS Studios experience was from the inside where I can go behind the scenes of the action. I will never forget it though. I saw this huge billboard of the Late Late show with James Cordon which there was a slogan that says, For your Emmy consideration. I guess its to vote him and nominate him for an Emmy Award.
by the end of the day when I got back to my hotel, I would see the studios parking lot empty with just a few cars that have stayed back. It is amazing and so great to see behind the scenes filming, dressing up, and so many other things. Hopefully on my next trip back, I will be able to have connections to the studios so that I can get the full LA experience.

Once you know the right people, anything is possible, but then again the gate is so secure, that not even a fly can pass by.

I remember taking pictures and also selfies to make sure that the CBS Studios and Television city can appear with me in it, and I did and then a few seconds later, the gate guard and security came out just standing there to see what my next actions will be. I then took my walk back to across the street, then my parents and my brother were waiting for me in the car to go out, and off we went to explore more of Los Angeles. Cant wait to go back someday.


One thought on “My CBS Studios Experience From the Outside in LA

  1. Hi! Love your CBS experience. We moved to Hollywood just a few months ago and just this week I went to see “The Odd Couple” taped at CBS. Check out this website for free tickets next time you’re scheduled to come town: It’s really fun – I think you’d enjoy it! Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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