How to be a great writer for a show or movie

In life there is a balance of entertaining ourselves by watching our favourite shows on television or watching movies in the cinema or at home. Now, in order to make things sense on our screens is to be a great writer who has to think of anything and everything. When you become a great writer, you have to do extensive research, you have to get your creative juices flowing in your mind.

If a show has been going on for a while, you need to backtrack and make sure that you give your audience something that makes sense. In Soap Operas, you have to look at past episodes throughout the years and work around it to the present time and never forget to include the past too.

Alongside with being great writers for a show is to keep characters/actors/actresses on so that fans and viewers get used to them and the mission is to keep them on the show and not allow fan favourites to get off. When you do too many changes to characters, the show becomes meaningless and often hard to keep up with. When directors, and producers of a show or casting directors keep playing around with so many actors to play one character, the essence and all that will be gone.

The key to being a great writer is to make sure that you are able to pull off scenes, episodes and films smoothly. Sometimes I look at movies and shows and it doesnt make sense. The quality is not there anymore as it used to be on older shows in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. They had substance, andย  meaningful messages. Nowadays with society, writers are influenced by what the world sees now with social media, and all the negativity in our world now, and that teaches the wrong message to fans and viewers. Also in music these days. Artists write lyrics that are not in great taste, and often they do not make sense at all. It could to the writer, but its not a message that I would spread around the world.

Everything comes hand in hand. When you write, you must write with quality for shows, tv shows, movies and music. When you are an aspiring writer to get up there, fans become a lot more interested and you are on your way to great success. You can do it. If you are getting into the entertainment industry, its important to focus and most importantly to keep the fans happy with your craft.

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