Tips for colouring books for Adults

1. Buy long lasting Markers that will keep you colouring for many designs, or you can buy pencil crayons, but my favourite are markers. (Don’t need to sharpen Markers) ๐Ÿ™‚ Also buy markers that are super tip pointed or thin markers from Crayola or Elmers. Do not buy the big markers.
2. Use a piece of cardboard, preferably the backing of a big letter sized notepad cardboard between pages, so the markers will not bleed to the next page and ruin other designs.
3. Buy adult colouring books that only have one design per page. If the designs are back to back, then you must use pencil crayons.
4. There are several types of colouring books to choose from. look through the pages at your local store where they sell them or arts/crafts store. You can see Mandalas, Henna Style, Mehndi, Patterns, Floral, Animals, Butterflies, dragonflies, gardens, nature, The Sea, The World, and amongst other abstract visions. It all depends on what you like to colour, but make sure that you are really sure which one you want to do.
5. get creative with your favourite colours, or you can mix them up.
6. Concentrate well on how you are colouring, scope out the design, figure out your colours. You can use from 2 colours to as many as you wish. Just make sure that you keep focused.
7. Adult colouring books are proven to de-stress, relax, and keep concentrated on colours and refresh your mind and body to enjoy colouring. You are never too old to colour and that is very true.
8. Be creative, be you, have fun and get colouring ๐Ÿ™‚

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