The Golden Elvis of Niagara Falls, Canada

Ever visit or have visited Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada? If you have gone to Clifton Hill where there is the big Skywheel Ferris wheel, then Boston Pizza, and Tim Hortons. There is this open area where people come and go, while overlooking the uphill and downhill street of Clifton Hill.
I am pretty sure you must have seen The Golden Elvis of Niagara Falls. This man comes with everything painted Gold from a small guitar, the microphone and the stand, a chair, the stand, from his shoes, pants, jacket, and the mask of Elvis he wears. Even the sunglasses is covered in Gold. All in shiny Gold to draw attention to passerby’s. He has a sign that says pay 2 dollars and get a bead mardi gras necklace aimed and thrown on your head to automatically wear a necklace. If you pay 4 dollars, you get 4 of them aimed at you.
I was sitting there on the bench for about 2 hours relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, and I see this man making a whole lot of cash. I could not believe it. People put in Canadian currency of 10 dollars, 20 dollars, some even put in coins and even American money into the canister he has provided behind the chair where the customer sits and he does his aiming to put beads on somebody. He made over 800 dollars or more with just 2 hours or so. People kept lining up and giving this man a crazy amount of cash. I said to myself, I should be doing something like this and make that crazy amount of Cash in one day of work.
This Golden Elvis is there everyday. I wonder how much he makes all summer long. It is so crazy. I am sure he makes a few thousand dollars a day. He is there all day with these bead necklaces and these necklaces can be bought in bulk from dollar stores or party planning places. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That Canister at the end of the day must be so heavy. I am sure he pays rent or space at the Clifton Hill or he must have a licence or something to be there.
That is all he does, but doesn’t make any Elvis moves. I am sure he has in the past, but then when he gets to put the beads on, he blows a horn that is attached to the microphone or the pretend one I should say.
After all the times I have seen this guy, I finally know what he looks like when he took off the mask to get some air, But yes, that’s the Golden Elvis of Niagara Falls.

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