Looking at the Sky Thinking About Life

In life when we are looking for answers, or those moments where we want to just relax, take some time for ourselves, people have different ways to just unwind. What I find relaxing is looking at the sky in the early morning while the daylight is coming in, as well as when the sun starts to set and sometimes in between.
I like to reflect on life and just thank God for everyone and everything in life. With what is happening in this world nowadays with so much violence, crime and other terrible unfortunate things, I still have a strong faith and just being grateful.
Looking at the sky makes me think deep in thought about what is going in life, thinking about the future, thinking about friends and family both who are living and those who have passed away. The sky is so beautiful. I can’t believe how beautiful the colours can be, the sun, the moon, the stars, the different colours of clouds, the types of clouds, the beauty of nature and earth, and how incredibly beautiful the blue sky can be, sometimes orange, pink, with a mixture of sun. Its a beautiful thing to look at.
Since it is summer and trying to take advantage of being outside getting close with nature, the outdoors, and enjoying taking it all in, I feel that its where I find peace and harmony. It is where I can look at the sky and talk to heaven to my loved ones who have passed on, I can see their reflection, their faces and hear their voices through the clouds as I look up. They give me energy and make me smile. Although I miss them being here with me physically on earth, it gives me comfort to feel and know that they are in a better place.
The other day, I was on a boat cruise at a party, I took a few moments away from the fun and interaction and had some time for myself overlooking the Toronto skyline, the sky behind it, the picturesque views of the islands surrounding the sky and I did a lot of thinking about what my life is now and what I could do to always improve and add a lot more positivity into it and try to always find greatness in everything with optimism and happy thoughts which I have always, but I always want to add more of that into life no matter what it throws at me.
I am so blessed and looking at the sky is comforting and makes me love life even more.
Reflecting on life is very important. How do you reflect on your life? what do you do to relax and enjoy life and earth’s natural beauty?

2 thoughts on “Looking at the Sky Thinking About Life

  1. I’m like you. I like to look at the sky and reflect about life. I find an open field somewhere before sunrise. About 45 minutes before sunrise is scheduled to happen, the sky begins to lighten. Little by little you can see the blue color creep across the sky. If there are clouds, it’s prettier to me. The colors are so vivid. They become more so as the sun approaches. Once the sun peaks up above the horizon, the colors fade and give attention to the sun alone and all other colors disappear. Beautiful part of nature and God’s creativity.

  2. I’m like you I love to go out to an open area before sunrise where I can see the horizon. About 45 minutes before sunrise, the sky begins to lighten. If there are clouds, it’s usually prettier to me. As the sun approaches our horizon, the colors become more vivid, especially if there are clouds. Then as the sun makes its appearance, the other colors fade. It’s one of God’s most beautiful parts of creation. No two sunrises are alike.

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