The 1st Annual Hye Riders Boat Cruise a Great Success

In the evening of July 23rd, 2016 in Toronto Canada, more than 250 people embarked on the Yankee Lady boat to cruise on Lake Ontario, sailing by the Toronto Islands, Centre Island, while overlooking the skyline of Toronto. The beautiful sun was setting and as it was getting dark, we were under the clear starry sky, the moon was shining on the water and as we enjoyed with our family, friends, and with the Hye Riders Motorcycle club members. After many months of organizing and planning, the Hye Riders boat cruise was a great success where beautiful memories were made and that we will never forget.

We were entertained with the music and performance by the talented Khoren Mouradian who definitely kept people dancing all night. As we were dining, enjoying the beautiful summer night, it was so incredible to see the support from the people who attended, and as well as seeing the Armenian passion and energy that was felt in a happy and festive atmosphere. The Hye Riders are not just about the Motorcycles, they are always there for our Armenians, our identity, life and culture. For that we are so grateful to them.

Thank you to the Hye Riders for this beautiful boat cruise and for all that you all do. We are so blessed to having a lovely group like you all. May God bless you all and with continued success in all that you do. Ride on!

By: Talin Orfali —

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