The Toronto ACC 20th Summerfest 2016

Annually for the past 20 years, The Armenian Community Centre of Toronto committee members, organizers and volunteers come together to plan a summerfest outdoors, pitching a tent up, bringing incredibly talented artists and performers from all over the world and as well as giving us other surprises. The summerfest happens in a duration of 3 days beginning on a Friday and ending on a Sunday night.
This year in 2016, the summerfest began on July 8th and concluded on July 10th. It was a great and successful weekend which was enjoyed by so many people who came from out of town and as well as the new comers to Canada from Syria, and also from our city of Toronto and GTA. We had many performances by Mister X, Harout Pamboukjian, Arden Arapyan, Martin, Ararad Aharonian, Joelle(for the children), Silva, and Adiss Harmandian. Adiss Harmandian and Ararad Aharonian surprised us by singing their famous duet together “Lousnyage Kenats”. On Sunday. The Erepuni and Sassoun Dance ensembles performed traditional Armenian dances. We watched the Euro Cup final on Sunday where Portugal won 1-0 beating France. There were also fun and games as well as face painting for the kids, a popcorn stand, then a petting zoo of various animals on the Sunday.
Many dignitaries and politicians were also present during the Summerfest 2016 including the Mayor of Toronto John Tory.
There were several market vendors from Hye Riders, Ara The Rat, Rogers, ACC The Hallcrown Banquet Hall, Dr. Datevik Shaboyan, The Uncle Mike Show, plus many more. we had platinum sponsors such as TD, Lara’s Restaurant, and Arz Fine foods.
The purpose of the Summerfest is to bring the Armenian community together as one, and to make new friends, reunite with one another to embrace and enjoy our beautiful Armenian culture with our food, music, and our beautiful traditions all in one atmosphere. A lot of people who are not Armenians also came to enjoy our culture as well. Proceeds from the Summerfest go to community events such as culture, educational and humanitarian works.
I was happy to attend all 3 days and cherish each moment. I did not want it to end! I am excited for the 2017 summerfest next year.
Thank you to all the organizers, sponsors, committee, and volunteers of this incredibly awesome event with incredibly awesome performers! Congratulations on 20 years!! Wish you all many more years of continued success in pulling off a great festival. I know its not easy and a lot of hard work and countless hours, energy, and invested time go into planning it. I appreciate it so much! May this annual summer event go on for many more decades. God bless you all and God bless our Armenian Community Centre of Toronto and all our Armenians around the world!

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