How to Approach Famous People When Seeing Them

In our lives,  some or if not all of us enjoy the entertainment industry, television, film, music, actors, actresses, directors, or watch our favourite news reporters and anchors. Suddenly, you are walking down the street, dining in a restaurant, gone out shopping, or wherever you least expect it, you see a famous person/celebrity. Mostly in Los Angeles, California, New York City, and areas and maybe even in the areas you live in. At this moment, you say, what do you do? What is your reaction? What can I do to not miss this opportunity to talk to that famous person and then to ask them for a photo/autograph?
These are ways to approach and not approach celebrities/famous people without them feeling threatened or awkward. There are always ways to get a successful yes or a welcome from them. Here they are.
DO – Excuse me, are you this person from TV/Film/The News or whatever else? I really enjoy your work and you have such a great talent. It is so great to finally meet you in person. would you mind if we take a picture together?
DO NOT – say, Oh My Goodness!!! Ah! I am such a Huge fan! You are the coolest! Do not get overly excited and actually scare them away. They can say no, and do not be disappointed if they do.
DO – Say Hello, then say how are you doing today? then say, I really admire what you do and say it must be such a difficult job to be into the entertainment industry, and say I truly appreciate what you do and thank you for giving us entertainment. Then if they respond with a thank you, then that means you have a successful approach and then they will accept you to take a picture or autograph with.
DO NOT – approach them and demand to take a picture with them and get all angry if they do not accept or whatever else. The famous person could be having a bad day if they refuse or just do not want to be bombarded with fans at that moment or day. Do not be disappointed if you get a no.
DO – Hello, Hope all is well. I know you are this person and I just couldn’t help but come up to you because you are truly an awesome person whom I look up to and did not want to miss this chance to approach you to tell you that. If you get a good vibe, then ask them for a picture/autograph
Treat them and act normally, because they are ordinary people like us, but they are just very well-known and they have a face that is familiar to a lot of people around the world. They appreciate it when people talk calmly to them and have actual conversations first and not request a photo or autograph right away.
Some of the famous people will even take the time to have a full-blown conversation with you when they feel that you are not just there to use them to take a picture with or whatever. If they feel comfortable with you, and all that, some could even ask if you like to go with them to a studio, or invite you to a lunch or dinner whatever. They can introduce you to other stars. Some fans can actually become friends with them. They can even get you into the entertainment industry too. It all depends on the mood.
Do not come on so strong and actually terrify them. I know the fans have every right to because we pay their way, and without us, they would be nothing and entertainment would go down, but everything is a two-way street. In order for them to respect you and appreciate you, you have to treat them with respect and appreciate them too. They are people like us. Always remember that.
Some celebrities refuse photos or whatever else because of reasons or how they feel. Do not feel put down because of it. It is not you, it’s just some circumstances that make them feel that way. They even go as far as disguising themselves and not allowing people to notice them. That could happen.
There are those people who do see celebrities and other famous people, but do not bother to go up to them and that is fine too, but its a missed chance to get to meet them up close and personal. For some its a normal day to always see them.
Bottom line is the approach and that is so important. Come on too strong is a recipe for refusal. Don’t cry or get disappointed, but if it’s a yes or if they welcome you, then its all good.
Just think about your actions and words. its super important. All the best with locating them!

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