How I got to Meet Actress Chloe Grace Moretz in Los Angeles

IMG_1508 13423980_10154123684751855_2830373817218907373_n
On the day of June 2nd, 2016, My cousin who lives in Los Angeles, invited my brother and I to dine at a sushi restaurant called Kiwami. As we were dining and talking with my cousin and enjoying our dinner and toward the end of our dinner, I noticed a group of people sit down 2 tables across from me. There were about 6-7 of them sitting down.
Then there was this beautiful person who has blonde hair. Then after a minute, I noticed that she was so familiar. I knew her face from somewhere, then I quickly remembered watching her movie about a month before visiting Los Angeles. Then I remembered that her name is Chloe Grace Moretz. Then, I became so excited, My heart began to beat so fast and I was just so star struck. My mission was to find a celebrity in Los Angeles during my stay there and it happened. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
I watched her Movies 5th wave and Neighbors 2, and there she was sitting right there. After my cousin and my brother and I paid the bill, we were walking out and I stopped and said “Excuse Me, Hello… Are you Chloe from 5th wave?” She said “Yes, thats me and nodding yes too”, and then I said Wow, I knew you looked familiar, and then I said you are awesome, may I take a picture with you? She said, yes sure no problem. I then took a picture with her and it made me the happiest person. Then we said by to my cousin and then we were on our way to our car and went to the hotel. I couldn’t contain my excitement.
As soon as I went to the hotel, I grabbed my laptop and loaded the picture of her and I on the computer and quickly uploaded it to social media. She was so nice to me and she was very sincere and such a great person. Chloe has such a great talent for acting and I wish her the best with everything in her life and her upcoming projects. She really made me feel welcome when I took that picture with her. Love her. I thanked her repeatedly after taking the photo with me and I told her how much I appreciate it.
Some people in LA who live there told me that, you can’t find celebs and we don’t see them around, but I was there for 10-11 days and I managed to hold an Oscar, the real award and I met a celebrity. You just have to look harder and get out there or else of course you won’t see any. I am still star struck.

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