The Fort McMurray Fire – Putting things into perspective.

In life terrible and unfortunate things happen and some things we are never prepared for. Even if we are, it is difficult to comprehend the terrible situations we are put through where life tests us during the darkest times. The Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada Wildfire is an example. This past week has been a huge nightmare and that is not even the word to describe such a horrific thing that we could only imagine in film.

Now that it has become a reality, one must think and put things into perspective. Not just when it happens, but these things should be rendered into our minds. One day, you are going on about your life, working, playing, relaxing, going to school, enjoying the outdoors, and being in the comfort of your own home that you worked for, a place where you sleep, and going on with your life, where you have all your clothing, memories, food, keepsakes, memorabilia, electronics, computers, photos, kitchen stuff, furniture, your car and everything that you brought into your home. As well as a place to live with your family, where one day you wake up and everything is all gone in a few seconds.

A person’s workplace, schools, restaurants, other businesses, department stores, lots of loss. I know material things are replaceable and things could be rebuilt, but a life is not. There were some casualties in this fire too and My heart just aches for all these people that lost everything in a matter of few seconds where there was no time to think and to just get out as soon as possible. The severity and the huge piece of land that this fire has gotten to in it’s path is just too overwhelming, and so terrifying.

With that, we must always be grateful for everything we have, but more so, the people that we have in our lives. Life can change in an instant, and these dire times pushes people together a lot closer. Fort McMurray will get out of this, and we will rebuild and help you all out. I know things are going to be very tough for them and I know that things are not going to be easy with rebuilding life, rebuilding memories, and all that other stuff, but always know the world is with you and we all want you to know that we are praying for you all..

The moral of the story is, always be grateful as all can be lost with a blink of an eye. Don’t sweat the small stuff, love each other, and be like a huge family. The Fort McMurray Wildfire should be a big lesson in all that. As much as the force of the fire is spread, use that same force and spread love and help for each other.

God bless Albertans, Fort McMurray Residents, and Canada and the world for sending out their help, thoughts and prayers.

To find out how you can help or donate, simply search for numbers, locations and all that. They need all the help they can get. No donation is too small or too big. whatever you wish helps a lot.

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