The Forgotten Birthdays of This New Generation

Nowadays with social media, when we go to sign up for our accounts, there is that part where you put in your birthdate. Now that social media is here with us in this world, everybody gets reminded of a person’s birthday whether it is our friends and family. Some people forget their friends and families birthdays and have to be reminded by technology. I know some people still know people’s birthdays, but I am talking about those that don’t.
Our birthdays are forgotten by people now. When you are not on a social media outlet, people forget about you and your birthday. Have you been through that situation where people forget to wish you a happy birthday when you do not have a social media account? I know for some people that it is not a big deal to not remember a birthday as it is just another day, but for some people it is a big deal to them to be remembered on their special day. I sure feel that it is a big deal for me. It means that you are another year older, but it is nice to be thoughtful and remember without social media having to tell you.
It is good to put into a paper calendar or to keep it in your mind that it is a friends or a family members birthday and that you do not need technology to keep you informed. I think it is important to do that. Can’t depend on technology to keep reminding you of important events and everything.
Have people forgotten your birthday?
What was your reaction?
I know with day to day life, stresses and a lot of things going on in life that we may forget, but it is things like this that should be remembered no matter what happens in life.

One thought on “The Forgotten Birthdays of This New Generation

  1. Social media has its many strengths and weaknesses. It has the ability to connect with those on a global sale, yet at the same time disconnect us from our own neighbor. Ironic, isn’t it?

    In this particular manner, I personally, do not have an issue with forgotten birthday’s from some people. My very own parents and siblings confuse and mix the days all of the time…. (not certain how) however, I might find it a bit insulting if my partner/spouse, does not remember the day. Its weighed differently depending on the relationship you share.

    Good read!

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