Azerbaijan & It’s Aggression Toward Artsakh Nagorno Gharabagh

On April 1st-2nd, 2016 Azerbaijan’s Government decided to strike Artsakh/Nagorno Gharabagh with drones, helicopters and other destructing devices, but did not succeed. Artsakh’s soldiers caught it in time, but unfortunately a 12 year old boy was killed and other casualties, injuries among the heroic innocent civilians and soldiers who once again were caught by the Azerbaijani Aggression. 18 Soldiers are killed, 30 wounded.

The massive launched attack was full blown and is once again proof on how barbaric, cruel criminals they are. Our prayers and thoughts are with the wounded, killed. We stand strong with Artsakh and Armenia during these difficult times and always. In order to bring peace in the world, we must always raise awareness to prevent, educate, recognize, acknowledge and promote to stop Wars, Genocides, and Aggression.

The brave people of Artsakh and Armenia has already seen too much. This last attack was extremely caught off guard, but our soldiers and our Army is always prepared if the inevitable happens. You cannot trust Turkish and Azerbaijani’s at all. They absolutely love to fight and they thirst for blood. That is all they live for is to see others suffer, be killed and to live in deplorable conditions and a lot more. They have done so much damage and has put a permanent scar on each person, each culture and race they have put their dirty, evil hands on.

If these things are not proof enough of what cowards and disgusting these Turkish and Azerbaijan Governments are, then I do not know what else to say. It is not the people that are at fault and to put the blame on, it is the government and those who control these countries and its people.

This month of April is the 101st commemoration of the Armenian Genocide which took place on April 24, 1915. There too, the Turkish Government killed 1.5. Million Armenians, stole our lands, displaced people from homes, raped women, killed children, men, women, terrorized, made our people suffer in agony, all the blood, bones, flesh were all over the place, the stench of death was everywhere.

The Turkish were seen having parties, drinking, laughing and enjoying the sights of our people hung, heads cut off and thrown around to fall into pieces.

This all goes hand in hand of the terrible aggression they show and continue to do so. Some countries still have not recognized the Armenian Genocide and I just do now know what they are waiting for. These acts that the world is seeing now, should be viable and full proof that they committed these acts and they are trying to repeat history. Azerbaijani’s and Turks are the same people and they just do not understand and never will.

Lets pray for world peace and stop these terrible acts in destroying our people and our world.

Take action to stop Aliyev — #StopAliyev

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