Hospital Patients & Smoking

In our life sometimes the unfortunate happens when we go visit a hospital to see a patient, or go for appointments, tests, and check-ups or something good like going to see a new baby born. Now, we may see the occasional patient with pajamas and IV and machines that follow them outside and you see them with a cigarette smoking. Now, someone who is on oxygen or something you see them light it up is something so ridiculous. It defeats the whole purpose of being in hospital.

Patients are gone to the hospital to get healed and you see that happening. It is ridiculous. They are making matters even worse for them and a slower healing process with smoking. Then the terrible stench of cigarettes by the doorways when exiting and entering into the hospital. That is terrible. I feel like grabbing those cigarettes and throw them on the ground and then throw it in the trash where they belong. Nothing is healthy about smoking and don’t know why people do it. It is disgusting and so terrible for health.

Have you seen people smoking while they are staying hospital?

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