St. Sahag. St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School

By: Talin Orfali

An Armenian Saturday School that is so dear to me,
Seeing my friends every week was so exciting for me,
Learning the alphabet, history, ,music, culture and so much more,
For Learning about Armenia in a school that I absolutely adore,

1956 is when the school was started and founded,
with all the great people I was surrounded,
So many educational, beautiful years has gone like a fly,
Many people will tell you how fast time flew by,

Armenian writing and reading was taught to us,
the education & knowledge we received was a plus,
Heading to visit our beautiful Armenia is our motherland,
After our grade 8 graduating class that the school planned,

Principals, Staff, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers,
Thank you for allowing us to grow with our peers,
With all the friends and bonds we have made,
I can surely promise you with all my heart, those times will never fade,

I am ever so grateful and happy I attended,
I was so sad after graduating that it all ended,
I will always love and cherish all the school memories,
May this beautiful Armenian Saturday school go on for centuries.

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