Windows 10 is Great. I love it

Since last July, 2015 every person with a PC has a chance to upgrade their systems from Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 to the newest version to the Full version of Windows 10 for free for a year. In July 2016, the chance to download it free will be expired and those who did not download Windows 10 are out of luck and must pay. Price is unknown.

I am really liking the feature where you can search your whole computer with asking Cortana anything on the internet too. I also like the pin to task bar where my frequently used apps and software devices can be quickly accessed instead of putting them on the desktop when busy with other software. I also like the start up menu where you can search that way too.

I like that snipping tool feature, where you can take articles, pictures or whatever else and do like a screen shot like how you can on your smartphone. I also like the Microsoft Edge internet. It is so much better than the Internet Explorer. That was a disaster of an Internet Browser. Edge has certainly improved.

I like the files and how you can organize your photos and everything a lot better and when you click on a photo to copy and paste, you can copy and paste without looking for a photo to open up in your social media status updates or whatever else. I also like the check mark option they put on the pictures and files where you do not have to hold the CTRL button to select many pictures or files at once.

Have you downloaded Windows 10 yet?

Do you like it?

Do you think they need to improve on a few things or is that good like it is?

Will you download it? If you do not, you miss out and will have to pay after July, 2016.

5 thoughts on “Windows 10 is Great. I love it

  1. We like Windows 10 now and many of the features you mentioned. But not being computer geeks it did present some challenges along the way.
    When first trying to obtain the program it took three attempts to get past inexplicable partial downloads and error messages then when it finally downloaded it took over three hours to do so. Had we known the download to take so long we could have scheduled it at a more appropriate time.
    After the program was installed many computer settings had been changed, despite being informed otherwise. It took a while for us to find and readjust the settings we wanted.
    However, with that said, the Windows 10 learning curve was quick. At this point we are generally pleased with the program and so far its improvements are viewed as outweighing the relatively minor setbacks we encountered.

  2. i’m SUCH a stan for Windows 10! I think it’s the perfect blend of Windows 7 and Windows 8. My favorite features include how you can easily “splitscreen” side-by-side windows. The Taskview is so helpful, as is the start menu. You should definitely look into the different personalization and customization options in Settings for colors and screensavers that can spruce up your experience!

  3. I have been using windows 10 on both my desktop and my laptop since last July , I had reserved my downloads with Microsoft sometime in April so they simply sent me an email letting me know when my downloads were ready , Have to say I have really liked it since day 1 , windows 10 is less bulky and uses less than half the computers resources to operate, which in turn actually speeds up your computer , it loads really fast .

    Being in Canada Cortana was not a function that worked when Windows 10 was first released, I had to wait until October before Cortana was available in Canada, which is fine, I toyed with it and turned that feature off, I don’t really care for it,

    I really do like the new Windows Edge Browser, however, being that it is quite literally cutting edge browser technology a great many online games will not load or play on it ( Edge does not use the Unity Player, or Adobe Flash) Edge is a stand alone browser that is lightening fast, the gaming issue is being resolved by the game developers who have to adapt to the new browser , though as of now there still are some games that just will not play on Edge …. game developers were caught by surprise at the tech behind Edge, it will not be long before other browsers (Chrome, Fire Fox etc. ) start releasing new versions that have the same tech behind them.

    I use Google Chrome as my primary browser simply because I am familiar with it , both Google and Fire Fox work nicely with windows 10 , so no one should have any issues , also all the games I play work well with Chrome , ( I was a firefox junkie prior to Chrome, ended up dumping firefox in favour of the sleeker faster chrome )

    Also with Windows 10 you have to go through each app and program and manually set your privacy settings , if you use Cortana, you can not completely go private as the program relies on your location IP address and other personal info to operate. , Windows 10 privacy is set to none by default , which means unless you change that all your personal info , every website, every picture/video etc absolutely everything you say and do on the computer is sent to Microsoft and elsewhere , there are many youtube videos that walk you through the process of going private, it is a tad complex , a simple mouse click to set your computer to private does not mean you are private.

    Microsoft made it too easy to find you, all I need is your first and last name , the general area (state city country) you live in and I can use the Google street view to arrive visually within 3 feet of your front door , I can get your name and general location simply by pinging your IP address , this is very frightening to me , and it did not take me more than 2 days to take the necessary steps to block my info from being shared with Microsoft and any other place they share your info with , Microsoft has over 2000 registered “companies” that collect that info , it is used for target advertising, to snoop and see who you are etc. that scares the hell out of me , especially since my young son uses computers as well . my advice…. check your privacy settings , there are people ( not me) who will use your info for nefarious activities and identity theft , it could put you or your kids in harms way … it is extremely easy to get info from a windows 10 user, most assume that the privacy they had on previous windows will still be the same with the upgrade…. it isn’t , the default setting for windows 10 and all its apps and programs is 0 privacy.

    that said… I really do like windows 10 , and since my computers are secure , and I can surf the web incognito ( untraceable) …. windows 10 is an amazing O/s platform that can do incredible things , I have the home version on my desk top and the work version on my laptop , the work version is almost identical with a few exceptions, both versions are going to kill all previous versions of windows quickly . Windows is actively encouraging people to switch to windows 10 , they are quite aggressive about it and have given everyone 1 year to get it for free before you have to pay, I have a feeling that when the free period ends, the support for all previous windows platforms will stop within a year.

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