Armenian Genocide Awareness Month of April

April is approaching in a couple of days and it is about The Armenian Genocide Awareness month.

in 1915 a horrific crime against humanity occurred in Armenia, where the Turkish government just came into people’s homes and kicked people out to eventually kill them. 1.5 Million Armenians were massacred at the hands of Turkish Soldiers who were commanded to do the deed of Turkish Government.

They also began to steal a huge chunk of our lands but could not succeed to steal it all. 101 years have passed by and the wound still hurts. even though we were not born around those times but as Armenians and any other races and heritage was affected by Genocide and mass killings of people certainly feel the pain it has caused.

Raising awareness, educating and spreading the word, is very important. We must prevent from history repeating itself and not go backwards but must go forward without violence and killing

Let’s put wars and Genocide in the past a create a better world without all this hate. enough is enough

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