Deep Wounds of Genocide

Deep Wounds of Genocide April 24, 1915 – 2016

In Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide

By: Talin Orfali

101 Years After, We Still Hurt,
Many People displaced from their homes,
Men, Women, Children were taken to the desert,
The Innocent Were forced to walk the many miles,
seeing murdered bodies by the piles,

heads, flesh, arms, legs broken up in pieces,
Bodies and innocent humans were left hung,
survivors looking to their loved ones seeing the crying faces,

Deep wounds of Genocide That will never heal,
The blood of our ancestors/family that we all feel,
Lands, Landmarks, Churches, Mount Ararat that they stole,
hearing the sad voices of people’s soul,

Terrible inhumane criminal acts,
Turkish Government that still denies/lies about the facts,
The Armenian Genocide wounds are so deep,
That the Turks tried so hard to sweep,
However, they could not succeed,

1.5 Million Armenian’s Massacred by Turkish Soldiers,
These are the wounds that will forever be on our Shoulders.

“Recognize, Awareness, Education, Knowledge, Prevent”

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