The Quincy Market Story – In Boston, Massachusetts

In August of 2013, I had embarked on a journey on my own to Boston, Massachusetts. It was my first time there to mainly go see my great friends whom I consider family to me from meeting online from an Armenian Music Radio Station, and we had such memorable and cherished times together. My lovely sisters took me to Quincy Market where there is the popular iconic restaurant called “Cheers” from the TV Show back in the day. I really wanted to go there as I had watched the show. After we finished dining there, we were walking around doing some shopping.

After some time walking, We encountered someone very interesting. this American guy with some sort of accent who was trying to sell us something and I was not interested, and he kept insisting and I said I have no time. So, he continued on to ask me, where I was from. I said, I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Then, he caught me off guard and surprised me with such a ridiculous answer saying, Is Toronto, Ontario, Canada beside Florida? Then he said, where is Canada? I said, It is north of USA, we are a very big country. Then I said, Sorry we have to go bye. I just dropped my jaw and I was caught in probably one of the most weirdest situations in my lifetime.

I was really shocked that he did not know Where and what Canada is. I remained silent for a bit, and then my sisters/girlfriends I was with were absolutely shocked themselves and they couldn’t believe what they heard. So, we began laughing about it and all of a sudden we started to talk about that and said, wow that is serious stuff if someone doesn’t know about Canada and where it is on the geographical map of the world’s atlas. I am sure if I bring this up with them again now, they will remember what happened.

Then it reminded me of when Jay Leno had his tonight show and he was asking peopleย in the streets of Los Angeles, California questions about who the President of the United States is, Where Canada is located and this and that on his Jay Walking segment, also questions on who the secretary of state is, who the vice president is. I said, this guy I met in Boston would be a great candidate and the laughing stock of the world. He really made that afternoon quite interesting, to say the least. I will never forget that. I mean, who could ever forget?

I am not making fun of him or anything, but something that is so basic and someone should know and he did not. I do not know the type of education or whatever he did in his life that he did not know, just really puzzles me.

Heaven forbid, he tells someone directionsย or something about the world. He is just in his own little world and doesn’t know diddly squat about geography and countries. At first, I really thought he was joking and pushing me around with that, but he really did not know where Toronto, Ontario, Canada was. It really horrifies me when people don’t know these basic things.

Have you encountered a strange situation?

Have people asked the most bizarre questions to you?

What is your story?

One thought on “The Quincy Market Story – In Boston, Massachusetts

  1. I have just moved to Massachusetts from London, and believe me I’ve had people ask me some bizarre questions which are not repeatable! I guess people are less reserved here than back home, but I do understand no harm was meant.

    But I will tell you about the time someone asked if Afghanistan was in Africa and was shocked when they found out it wasn’t. Oh and the same person asked what raisins were made of! Fine if you’re a child but not a 30-something! ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•

    As a newcomer, you have inspired me regarding places to visit. Thank you.

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