Life’s Cycle – Live Like No Tomorrow

Life… We are born, we become toddlers, we become kids, we go to school, we become teenagers, we dream of things to do in life, we set goals and we try our best to achieve each one, we find a job, find our soul mate, get married or not. people have kids, become grandparents, great grandparents some people don’t get a chance to live through all that unfortunately and in the beginning, middle or the end of one cycle of life, it gets cut short by disease, infections, accidents, and other unfortunate reasons.

No matter how healthy we are, how we try to get healthy and take charge of our bodies, sometimes no matter how hard we try, something can go wrong. Don’t go to extremes of losing weight and trying to be so thin to satisfy others. Be comfortable with you and be yourself. Good and true people will accept you for who you are, not your body image.

Is life really worth to live? of course it is. How you leave your mark on this earth is so important. Life is too short. Enjoy and embrace each moment and don’t waste time on worthless and useless things. Do what is necessary, be kind to each other, live with love and no regrets. You live and learn. No matter how long you have on earth make the most of it because tomorrow is not promised.

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