Compliments – Do you Take it or Reject it?

There are moments in life, when people accomplish something, dress up, do something good, or whatever else in life. There are people who compliment others in saying something sweet like, congratulations, best wishes, you look beautiful, you look great, and other nice gestures someone spreads to other people. Now, there are people who do take compliments and others just do not accept it or don’t want to accept it.

After a compliment, people think the response is to get a thank you back or compliment back or whatever the case maybe, but some people take it into offense and tend to always have the last word and hurt the person who complimented them. In our heads, we are thinking are the compliments for the sake of complimenting? Does the person really mean it? Is there an ulterior motive to the compliment? Do they want something more out of it?

Some people’s low self-esteem and self-confidence tend to get in the way of accepting a person’s compliment where people sell themselves short all the time thinking they are not good enough, they are not beautiful or whatever else, where they are good enough, beautiful and everything else. Some people need to stop sell themselves short and really analyze themselves and say Hey, I am me and I am capable of doing great things in life, I will boost my self-esteem by feeling good things about myself. Others validation is not required.

When you get complimented, take it, accept it and be thankful. Someone took the time out to give you a boost and to compliment you. Don’t hound them and make them feel bad about doing so. It is only wrong when people compliment and don’t mean it where you find out later it was a lie, but you can definitely feel a compliment being genuine and true by the way they say it to you. There is a big difference between fake and real compliments. You need to analyze it for yourself in whatever situation it was said in.

Have you complimented someone and got rudeness back to you?

Have you simply stopped complimenting others because you are afraid of the outcome?

What were your reactions when someone complimented you?

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