Get Well Soon to Former Mayor of Toronto – Rob Ford

Toronto’s Former Mayor Rob Ford has been rushed to hospital in Grave condition. Family at his bedside. Not a good sign at all. Lets pray for a miracle and so that he can fight with all his strength to overcome cancer and to recover.
๐Ÿ˜ฆ My heart breaks. Stress Creates cancer, and the media and people’s disgusting comments got him where he is now. The media makes things so much more bigger than they are and make a federal case out of things leading people to believe all the bad things. When you are a good-hearted and great person, people will do anything and everything to ruin a good person’s reputation and that causes so much stress on a person, people don’t believe. Rob Ford did great things for the City of Toronto and our people. He worked his butt off, as well as coaching a football team, being a role model to many and being so inspiring.
Some people are always whining about Bullying and everything, but people are such hypocrites and bully anyways and people did Bully Rob Ford and that takes a toll on a person both physically, emotionally and mentally and that plays a huge role in someone’s overall health. Society is terrible and I hope people realize with what they did and said about him and right to his face which led Rob Ford to his cancer bed.
I am absolutely disgusted by some people. That is why this world is full of stress. Because of cruel, disrespectful and thoughtless individuals.
Get well soon Rob Ford. You will always be Mayor to Me.

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