I Miss My Radio AGA Family

I am Missing the RADIO AGA Days. Our Brother Jack Kojek brought the world so close, made it smaller, met some beautiful people along the way from it and met some of them in person. I miss the days when we all were part of a big chat room, when we chatted for hours, communicating, when we heard our voices on the radio, said happy birthday to our family members of our love Radio station. AGA is Arabic Greek and Armenian music that was played. I wish it would make a come back and so that we can all have fun and get together again.

We also had comedy nights where people used to tell jokes both in Armenian and English, we then had spiritual discussions, We had Armenian artists, singers, and other entertainers as guests to speak about their music, and everything else, we remembered the Armenian Genocide, and other events and occasions.

The internet and social media is not all that bad. If you use it wisely, in great, inspiring ways to bring people close together in a positive way it is great. These moments come to our lives and get to know people around the world. It feels great.

I am also happy to still be communicating and being friends who have become part of my family and I am so blessed to have you all in my life. I love you all so much and I thank Brother Jack Kojek for making that possible.

We definitely need it to be revamped, a big reunion and hopefully those good times can come back into our lives.

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