Giving Credit to Someone is Common Courtesy

As you may or may not have noticed, each time I create a picture of an event, occasion, cause, a comedic meme, I include my name on it and my website on it in specific spots on the picture where it is difficult to alter because in the past, I have created and worked hard on things and others are getting credit for it when they post it, and my work is going in vain. It is one thing to share, re-share, and spread it around and it’s one thing to remove a person’s name, and/or alter the picture to make it look like its done by another person is just wrong.

If someone has done the hard work, that person deserves the credit, but do not steal someone else’s hard work and make it yours, then get praised and everything else. Do not steal someone else’s spotlight and what they created. This goes for all aspects of life. No one should be praised if they were not honest about doing the work when they really did not. That is a smack in the face to the person who really did.

If you ask permission from someone who has worked hard on something, whether it be a project, writing a story, creating pictures, photoshopping things, articles, who takes photos of certain things and people that if you can take it, and if they do permit you, always say thank you, and do not forget to give the person credit and shoutouts when you copy the information or whatever the case maybe. It is showing respect, common sense and courtesy.

It encourages the person who created and wrote something to keep going on and it makes the person feel good that what they did is important. All it takes is a few seconds of crediting someone by writing a few words and a name. It is so important.

All in all Be your own person, and create things on your own. Get creative, innovative and come up with fresh ideas yourself. You can do it. Can’t always depend on other people’s creations and work. You too can bring great things into the world.

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