Too Many Condo’s & High Rise Buildings Going up

In this day in age, we all hear about the economy with all these high rise buildings and condos going up on our earth’s core. We are always hearing about all these new buildings going up with less and less space for living and people have to dish out so much money to buy these places where you barely have space to put clothes and let alone your other belongings.

These builders are not realizing that the more of these they make, the more heavier the Earth’s core is getting and that is resulting in so many earthquakes, sinkholes, and other catastrophic disasters that is weighing the earth’s core down. There is only so much this planet can handle and yet these people are abusing it just for the sole purpose of making money. There are a lot less houses that are being built now and more focused on condo’s that are 1000 sq ft or less and some just a bit more.

I understand the demand is high and some people prefer condo living, but it really gets harder to live in them because by the time you pay for your parking space, maintenance fees, and all the other stuff like if they have a swimming pool, a workout room, and everything else, it does get quite costly and some don’t even include electricity or even cable. You have to pay for those separately, then comes Telephone, Internet and other utilities.

Might as well as live in a house and invest in a house rather than dishing out all that money for a condo where you space is so limited. A house is more spacious, the rooms are half decent, the closet and storage spaces are great and so much more. I can never live in a condo.

Some people live in an apartment and its ok for those who can’t do much walking around, who cannot do gardening outside, who have health issues and certain disabilities with using stairs and all that and that is fine for them.

Even with these big business buildings. They are building those too like its going out of style, Each big metropolitan city has a skyline filled with buildings combined with businesses and also residential buildings and it is spiraling out of control.

I keep seeing in newspaper and online ads, news stories of condos and businesses going up and I rarely see actual homes being built. With the housing economy now, is at a staggering high prices and with these young families, couples and single people who are trying to buy a home, it is expensive, but in the long run, it is a great investment that will grow with you as you grow with the house. As a first home buyer, I would not recommend a condo. Start from a house and end with a house. Too many fees at condos and too much hassle. Some places you have to pay rent on top of maintenance fees and so on and so forth. Just too much.

You go grocery shopping or something, you have to open so many doors, get in with pass keys to get all your grocery bags up to your condo, you have to always park in your designated parking spot in the underground garage, you can’t directly get into your home. You either go up with the stairs or use the elevator, then the hassle of making noise with putting up the TV high, listening to music and you don’t feel that you have your own privacy and have to share the building with other people who are always so curious and wonder what is going on in your place.

A few of my friends are condo sellers in real estate and everything and this is in no way to offend them or anything about their jobs/careers, but I am just seeing what I am observing with the condo market. Just too much is going up. These builders need to stop making them for a while and resort to building houses instead, but also keeping in mind to keep our green spaces alive and not build too much.

Do you live in a condo?

Do you find it convenient for you or is it some sort of a hassle?

Do you find that Condo living is good or bad?

Would you rather live in a house or condo?

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