Cheating in Life is Immoral At All Times

Have you ever been in a situation where you run out of options or feel that you have with anything in life, finding the thrill to get the easy way out to do something that you know or not know that it is wrong, but do it anyway to gain temporary or permanent satisfaction? That is called cheating. Cheating the way through life is not only wrong, but immoral at all times. No matter how pressured we get into doing things. Cheating always finds a way to be found out. You really cannot hide cheating and lying. It always comes back to bite you. It can do permanent damage to everything.

Mending and gluing back a broken vase of glass can never go back to what it was before. Same as cheating.  Same concept, same symbolism.

Cheating our Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Cheating in Marriage
Cheating in Exams/Tests at school
Cheating at work
Cheating people with money
Cheating in games
Cheating in finding the easy way out
Cheating friends
Cheating with family

A lot of terrible things can happen when that arises in all aspects of life. We lose trust in people we claim we care about, we lose in relationships, and lose marks and fail in school, we will fail in games, we will fail at work, and lose belief in others. Cheating is a terrible thing to do in life. There is no excuse at all in the world to do so. Be truthful and forthright from the beginning. Cheating is a way of failing and that is something that you want to stay away from. That there is playing with fire and once ignited, everything will burn down.

Work hard at what you want, study hard to pass exams, and especially do not cheat on anyone. It is so wrong to pull the rug out on someone. Also, with money do not cheat anybody. Money is another culprit in society and that can also be something that can make or break friendships, relationships and everything else. Never play with fire with that either.

Cheating and taking all the credit at work is also a terrible thing. There are people who flaunt, talk big, and think they are all that thinking they are so superior, cheat their way through everything and think they will not get caught for it. People are bright and they can put two and two together and decipher everything that happens. When it does, that person who cheated their way through can be fired and will not be respected anymore.

Be honest and if you are not interested in a person anymore when you are dating, tell them and be honest with them before you start another relationship. Don’t be unfair and throw someone in front of a bus. Being truthful is the best way to let someone go. Do not date someone else when you are still dating another. That is terrible. When you are married and cheating? That is a different story. That is a commandment you break, a vow that you promised in front of God in church, minister or whatever else that you break is just absolutely terrible.

If people’s hearts are not into the relationship or marriage, do not get into any of it unless you are 100% sure that is what you want. Do not get into a relationship or marry someone for the sake of marrying them to just have the wedding day with the dress, flowers and all that stuff. The real marriage is the day after the wedding. Be sure before you put the ring on.

Cheaters will always be cheaters and that is very immoral. When you start to cheat, everything changes in life. Do not ever for one second think that it will never ever come out, because there is always a way for things to come out and ruin your life, your reputation and future relationships. Do not do it.

Nothing is worse than cheating in a marriage or when you are involved with someone and there are babies and kids that are in the middle of it. It is a shame and it can put a big dent and scar in these kids lives when they are in this crisis. When separation and divorce happens because of cheating with the custody battles, which kid will live with whom, how they will be taken care of, where they will end up, and all the mess that they are in. babies and kids feel when things aren’t quite right at home and that can put a blunder and stick with them for the rest of their lives. It is depressing. They will get influenced by those situations and begin to do the same as their parents thinking its okay to cheat and be in this situation, and then the trend continues. What goes around comes around. Again, do not cheat.

If you want the best for your kids, do not cheat. That is the bottom line. No matter what happens in life. Don’t ever put them through that.

Work your way through your problems and do not resort to cheating. Fix things, talk and communicate your way through life, be honest, tell a person to their face, do not sugar coat anything. Do not find the easy way out of finding another person to be with. especially when you are married and when you are dating, getting serious about settling and everything. You got married for a reason and that is because you trust, love and put your life into a person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Don’t throw it all away.

Get to know a person very well and think with your mind before you think with your heart. If you don’t, then it can result into bad things later on in life.

I was on a chat room at Candy Crush Soda Saga earlier today while I had spare time to play a few levels, and this topic came up of cheating in playing games. Even cheating in games is a bad idea and not a great thing to do. Cheating is not fun. It is a very bad thing to do.

You can lose respect from people and that is the worst ever thing to lose. Respect, trust and total confidence. People will never believe you anymore and that can be permanent. Don’t do it.

Do your best in your life. There will be times you will fail, there will be times you succeed. Life has its ups and downs always and if you ever need help with anything in it, you can always ask people for guidance, advice and how to do things, and how to go on with relationships, marriages, but never cheat. There is no excuse in the book to justify that. Never allow yourself to get to that predicament. There are so many resources now at our reach. Do not put yourself in trouble, agony and a situation that can live with you for the rest of your life. Think about it.

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