Children Can Operate a Smartphone, But Teach Them How to do Chores

This day in age when devices and smartphones are being used a lot by people of all ages, but one particular age group that gets used the most is children. There is this meme I saw today and it says, “If a Child can operate a smartphone, they can use any of these”, such as Laundry washer, dryer, broom, mop, sponge, cleaning products and they forgot to include a vacuum in the meme.

When a child is always on their smartphones, they won’t develop responsibility later in life, they won’t know how to do the basic necessities of life to help out around the house and everything. I am not saying all children are like that, but when it comes time for them to get older, they have to pull their weight in the house. The parents and guardians of the child can’t be doing everything all the time. Our parents, guardians take care of us all our lives, its time that children do the same to help them out too.

When a child learns responsibility, how to do chores, learns time management in going to school, doing homework, play time and also chore time at home. Basic things as well to take out the trash, shovel snow in winter, cut the grass and water in the spring and summer, dust the surfaces, help to cook in the kitchen, putting away things after being used. When they learn that from an early age, that gets them to become mature, that they can stay out of trouble.

Teaching kids manners and respect is also a form of doing a chore in the mix of helping out at home. when we teach them morals from an early age, that can get them away from trouble. Also to teach them the right and wrong of society, how not to get influenced by other children and the way they are raised. Not allowing negativity, and not permitting bag examples, to teach them to stay away from uncharted waters.

When we teach children balance, everything else comes to place. How do you deal with children if you have any? Do you give them a time limit on screens and devices? When do you draw the line when it becomes too much?

3 thoughts on “Children Can Operate a Smartphone, But Teach Them How to do Chores

  1. orionwriter says:

    Well…I’m technically still a child but I’ll be 20 this month so I guess that means I’m inching towards being officially on my own. My parents didn’t get me a cellphone until last year when I started university. I’d never had one before, nor did I need one. My younger sister still doesn’t have one, she’ll be getting hers next year when she starts university. She still doesn’t feel the need to get a phone.
    My dad started teaching us about money from the time I was probably four years old? My first chores were to make my bed, clean up my toys, help wash and dry the dishes and to help my mom or my Nana fold clothes. Since I was learning about money my dad decided to teach me about earning money, and that in order to get treats or money to buy my own treats I had to do my chores. I got a $2.00 for my chores which I found really encouraging. I realized that if I saved up my chore money, Christmas money and birthday money that I could buy toys or books.
    I know that some parents aren’t a fan of the reward system, but I believe if done properly it works. When you teach your children that it takes work in order for them to gain things they’ll be understand the importance of not only working hard, but doing their best work.
    On a side note when I do have my own children I plan on limiting their screen time. That goes from tablets, computers, smartphones, television and whatever doohickey they come up with by the time I have children…I mean I was basically a kid yesterday and the coolest thing we had was a tamagotchi so I mean…anything is possible. Anyway I think that scenes turn people into zombies after a while…I know from experience that if I’m sitting on my butt all day watching movies on my laptop that I feel zombified. Its great to get out and be creative and use your imagination. Technology although it can open doors to help people explore their creativity, it also shuts out imagination with all of its distractions. Unplugging is necessary and like you said, children need to learn about balance. So when I have kids limitations on tech use will definitely be a thing. No phones at the dinner table, and since I don’t like cable we won’t have it. We’ll just have a family movie or something. I don’t like the idea of using technology as a babysitter or a substitute for family time.
    That’s just my piece on the subject.

  2. Miriam says:

    Both of my teenagers have responsibilities and chores and they’re pretty good with balancing home work and screen time. Rather than giving them a time limit I’m teaching them to be responsible for the time they spend on the screen. So far so good.

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