Keeping Our Heads Down #2 – The Social Experiment

A couple of days ago, I had written a story about keeping our heads down involving people being so inclined and involved in their smartphone and other screen devices in their hands without looking up to admire and savour the moments of life that is passing us by. A lot is missed by us engaging into the screens. I am not saying that everyone does it, but this is to those who do on a daily basis.

So, now I am conducting a social experiment in the next couple of weeks to head to busy shopping malls, and other busy public spaces and I will be doing a count of those sitting in food courts, walking around, sitting down on benches and going about their day to day lives. I will then be calculating the results of how many people I see with their heads down glued to some sort of device, observing if there will be people who also communicate and keep their heads up of interaction toward other people they are with or whatever the case maybe. I will then post the results here on my page to gather that data of humanity, whether it poses a serious matter that needs to be dealt with as a whole in the world.

To make it interesting and to put the Social aspect into it, I should go around and ask people how many hours a day they are on their devices, what they would do without it? Of course, I will be asking them beforehand if I can conduct the social experiment and not get right into it with people. That can lead to big problems and lots of people telling me off. Do not want to get into trouble doing so. It is better to ask first. Sometimes I might get the shaft, but its all in the matter of trying it out to see people’s answers, reactions and what comes out of this experiment.

Life is so totally involved into these gadgets that these makers tend to make us engage into it more. Yes, there is a limit to everything, but people do not know those limits and keep going and going.

I will keep everyone posted, as well as the answers people gave me. Of course, all will be anonymous. No names required. Just questions and answers to tabulate at the end. I will go to public places 4-5 times and 3-4 hours at a time to conduct it.

I wrote a lot about this matter in
Keeping Our Heads Down –

My Article can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Our Heads Down #2 – The Social Experiment

  1. Miriam says:

    I can bet that right that you’ll find a high percentage with their heads down. But it will be interesting to see just how many. I know that when I used to take my son to swimming lessons around 80% of the mums were looking at their phones and not at their kids in the pool! Sad really.

  2. Jenny says:

    I totally agree with your article. Literally almost all people nowadays are stuck on their devices. Well I am also guilty with that. I think I cannot leave my home without my cellphone. Before we want gadgets, but now we need gadgets. It is becoming a necessity rather than just a luxury. But of course we have different inclinations with that idea, we still have our own priorities. I’ll definitely check the results of your social experiment. 🙂

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